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Thread: part pointer???

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    part pointer???

    It occurred to me on our walk today, that perhaps somebody out there knows the answer to my question about my dog, Idaho. You see, she is a mixed breed, she looks mostly black lab, but her ears are a little strange and they kind of half-fall to the side instead of down, she also has a huge chest. I _think_ she is also part American staffordshire terrier.
    But the funny thing about Idaho Sue is that when she is hunting (for her pleasure, not mine) she is totally intense, completely focused like a laser beam and she often holds up her front paw and 'points' at her game, usually for a couple seconds. Sometimes, she will hold her position for minutes. I've had people in the park ask if she's a statue! I wonder, is it only pointing breeds that have this behavior or can any old dog do it? She is very adamant about her hunting and if I don't take her out where she can chase things she gets mopey. I've known labs before and they definetely got excited when they saw the shotgun, but never did they need an everyday 'fix.' Any thoughts from anyone?

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    Hello tesa and welcome.
    Many Labs exhibit this behaviour if it is encouraged, or, at least, not discouraged. I had a Lab, bred by Guide Dogs for the Blind in this country, that would point without fail. This was not a problem as he would only point at fish. He never, ever pointed birds, deer or anything else, only fish. Golden Retrievers also exhibit this behaviour - it is a legacy of ancestry.

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    Hello Tesa! Welcome to Pet Talk! I have a Black Lab, named Sadie, who is 5 years old. Sadie and I do Obedience, Agility, Flyball, and some Tracking together. Since Sadie is a Lab- yes, she sometimes "points" out things that intrest her, like, squirrels, birds, dog toys and tennis balls (being thrown, that she can hear, but she can't find them! ), ect. I think most hunting breeds do this. Again, Welcome to Pet Talk!

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    Welcome Tesa!

    Carrie~ FISH! How funny! Any explanation why Sara (boxer) will point at ducks? She doesn't chase or flush--only points!

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    How cute! She could be part Pointer. I have a friend who breeds German Shepherds. She got a German Shorthaired Pointer once as her husband's hunting dog. The dog was as dumb as anything and wasn't a very good hunting dog. So, she trained one of her German Shepherds to point in a 1/2 hour.

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    Hi- my dog is a black lab/ border collie mix, and she does this sometimes. Border collies belong to the 'herding' group. She is also very intense and aware of what is going on around her. She is a bit smaller than your average Lab, but also has that full chest. Proably pointers and herding dogs have some personality traits in common, since they were both bred to keep track of game and other animals.
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    hi tessa,
    im erin&i just sighned up.ihave2hutingdogs&my dads trainingthem.isay itspreetynormalforyourdog2point(mydadsahutersohete achesmestuff)becauseioncesawalabpointing!
    p.s.-ihaveagerman shorthaired pointer&an english seter

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    How cute! She may be part pointer, but I too have seen other dog's do this. I wonder what other qualities she would need to have to know if she were a pointer?

    We used to have a lab/pointer mix....she was such a sweetie! I used to LOVE seeing her "point". So cute!
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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