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Thread: Female Cat leaking urine....

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    Female Cat leaking urine....

    I have a female spayed cat that leaking urine. She is prone to cronic bladder infections. This usually results in her going to the litter box more and more, but urinating less and less. Then she gets put on anibiotics. She was in my greenhouse with other cats, I brought her in bathed clipped her etc. Now she seems to be leaking, not messing anywhere, just her butt is wet , and smells of urine. I wash her up, and the next day it is back. She uses the litterbox, and the amount of urine is not getting smaller,(clumping litter) although she seems to be going more than maybe is normal ??
    The vet took urine from her bladder the last time, she was treated. To tell you the truth, I wonder if they really got a sample? She stayed all day, I kept calling, the answer was no, no , no, then when it was almost closing, ...they said they got a sample, and perscribed antibiotics. Now they want to do more tests, said she may have a spastic bladder? So as this cat belongs to my young daughter, and the deal is she pays the vet bills for her cat, how much money do I have to spend here ? We can't afford everything they come up with. The cat seems healthy and playful otherwise. I see no blood in the urine. I smell and check where she sleeps, and there are no wet spots. I don't want to pay for experiments, I would like a treatment that will work. It seems like this happens when the cat is stressed. The bath for instance, or if we go away on holidays... Anyone have this happen? I don't know that it is a bladder infection this time, but the spastic bladder or whatever they called it, can come and go. How do I keep her in the house when she is like this ?? I don't want my carpets etc. soiled. Once she is bathed and clipped she needs to be inside where it is warmer, she is a persian and gets colds ?, stuffed up quick. I don't know why over the years they have not come up with what is actually wrong with her. This is something that has come and gone for several years.
    Thanks for any help.
    I put this on a new thread, a forum member said it may get more replies..
    Thanks for any suggestions. I would love to have medication on hand for when this recurs. I do not want to give the cat drugs that are not needed. I live on an acerage though, and with horses etc. I do some medicating, doctoring etc. myself. Since this problem happens a couple of times a year,and the cat is now 4, I did not like the new vet saying I have to have her pay exam fees etc. in order to renew perscriptions, to keep a cat- client /Dr. relationship. Our farm vets don't do that for cattle, horses etc.

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    I can't see why you wouldn't be able to keep some antibiotics on hand for her. Is there another vet you can talk to?

    When my tabby Oscar was getting over an infection, the vet okay'd 50 mg of powdered cranberry (from a capsule) once a day - but not for more than a month. Maybe this would be a good preventative for your kitty?

    I mixed it with plain yogurt, which he loves and, like cranberry, has a tart taste.

    Is she a free-ranging cat, or are you able to control her diet somewhat? I am wondering if a change in the pH of her food might help.

    Good luck!

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    She is kept in an enclosed area, small greenhouse, or in the house for fall and winter. She is a very strange cat, she air licks... what I mean is she licks herself once or twice, then licks the air ten times or more. So she is not very clean. When she drinks water her whole chest and face is dripping water. She is very flat faced, (persian... no nose lol) She is also a fussy eater. Liquid meds are better than pills, because she starts to fight me after a while. I checked her again today and her back end is dirty and damp looking. She must be seeping urine when she is at rest, as she is not sitting in the litterbox as she does when it is a bladder infection. A really clean cat would probably keep cleaning herself, and if would not get so bad. I am trying to find out when my old vet works, as I really do not want this new one to become this cats Doctor.

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    Has she been x-rayed yet? I am only suggesting an x-ray because that is how it was discovered that my 3 yr old girl Abby had bladder stones. She (Abby) had many of the symptoms that you are describing in your original post. Abby was previously "diagnosed" with a UTI in june and was put on two separate treatments of anti-biotics. as hindsight would have it, I now suspected that she possibly may have had her bladder stones back then.
    In regards to getting a urine sample, Abbys' vetinarian squeezed (or compressed) her belly on the exam table, and she expressed out a puddle of urine, in which they sucked up with a syringe to test. Her PH level was way up too.

    Her x-ray showed a bunch of stones in her bladder...looked sort of like a nest full of little eggs....around 10 stones were in there

    She had surgery, to remove them, and is now on a prescription diet, and she is now back to going to the litterbox normally.

    Here is my original thread on it:

    here is the thread here on PT that shows her belly before and after surgery:
    (pictures included)

    Maybe this all will be of some help to you
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    I did go see the original vet yesterday. Kitty is now on 20 days of amitriptyline. If that does not help then we take her in, get a urine sample, and see if it is an infection or??? I guess I can ask about xrays then, or see if they recommend it. She hates taking pills, but I trick her by sucking up some people baby food in a syringe, (chicken and broth), then I give her a little, slip the pill in her mouth, and give her the rest. She is so busy lapping it up she does not notice the pill. Other wise she is growling and scratching and spitting the pill out. Works good !!!

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    Update, so far so good, the meds are working, clean and dry kitty. About six pills to go.

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    GOOD to hear! Thanks for the update!

    Amitriptyline is an older anti-depressant, but my sister was on it for a bladder condition. Who knew?

    Do you have any pics of your dear girl?

    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Duchess finished her pills over a week ago, and she is still nice and clean and dry. I wonder how long it will work?? I do have photo's but am on dailup. I never realised she is 7 already...time flies..
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