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Thread: Would you ever get an albino pet?(any animal)

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    Would you ever get an albino pet?(any animal)

    Albino animals are more prone to deafness and blindness then others. So would anyone get one?

    I would! I already have one!

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, for anyone who doesn't know what albino is. It's when an animal has no pigment in the fur,feathers, scales, ect. or eyes. Leaving them white with red eyes. For example, my albino girl:

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    If there was one that needed a home, Absolutely!!

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    I used to have an albino rat....... though he died.
    I definately would have another albino pet, though. I'm in love with red eyes. <3

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    I would. I really like albino reptiles for some reason.

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    I plan too.

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    I voted wrong- I voted that I would get an albino, but don't have one. That's not true, I have a snow corn snake which is a kind of albino. He's pink and white with red eyes .

    Quote Originally Posted by Maltese_Love
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, for anyone who doesn't know what albino is. It's when an animal has no pigment in the fur,feathers, scales, ect. or eyes. Leaving them white with red eyes.
    Some albino animals still have some color to them, usually yellow, pink, or orange. It's a specific kind of dark pigment that they are missing, not pigment all together (though they are very often all white). Albino reptiles usually have some color to them.
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    I have an albino ferret. When I first became a ferret mamm, I never thought I'd have an albino ferret as I wasn't fond of the color. She came to me through rescue and Ohanna is the most gorgeous girl.
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    Certainly! And I already have one!

    She is a rather LARGE albino gerbil. She is feisty and cute!

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    of course! we had an albino guinea pig named Turbo when I was younger.
    Rocky was his guardian angel, making sure he would get around okay and not knock in to things since he was blind.
    He lived be 6 years old, much longer than we would have thought.
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    I almost voted yes, I have one because of Oslo, but decided to vote yes, but don't have one. I love them, I love red eyes. My dad and his friend are actually trying to breed albino garter snakes but it's dificult because they only have one female. Oslo is a himalayan, his color is restricted to only the "points." Everywhere else he's basically albino.

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    I sure would!

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    Yes I would I love albino animals.
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    I would if one needed a home.

    I had an albino hamster when I was much younger named Fluffy. He was almost all white with a little beige. I think I actually picked him because of his pink eyes!

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    I would! My Netherland Dwarf is not an albino, she's called himilayan, but she's got pink eyes. (she looks like Oslo)


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    I used to have an albino gerbil and i would definetely own one again

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