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Thread: Sassy Sherman!!!

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    Sassy Sherman!!!

    WOW!!! out for sherman! she'll give you some serious sass beautiful of you to fight and bite and wrestle with your toys and still be entertaining enough to sit and "hang out" with your sound like a real darling of a parrot...enjoy the day and have lotsa treats...cracked me up when i read that you say.."don't put me away!!!" budgie would always fly off if i tried to put him away before he thought it was time to go in his cage, and he would let me know that he was not impressed...out would come this vocal and defiant.."CHIT, CHIT!"..and he'd sit up on the curtain rod and go in his cage when HE was ready ...reckon you are one sassy but gorgeous parrot...
    Congrats on being Pet of the Day Sherman...Jujuboy (gidday from aussieland)

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    Hello, Sherman! We're also in Ohio, and I have a Sherman, too - but he's a siberian husky! He was born near the birthplace of General Wm. Tecumsah Sherman, also here in Ohio. You sound lovely, and smart, too. It must have been quite a surprise for your woner to hear you say you didn't want to go back in your cage! You have a lovely day, in or out of your cage, sweetie, and congrats on being Pet of the Day!

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    WOW!!! Sherman you are one beautiful lady!!! ♥♥♥

    If you told me to "don't put me away", I'd call in sick from work just to stay with you!!! I wouldn't be able to resist that plea!!!

    What a treat for me to see your wonderful picture and meet you today!!!

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Sherman sure is a lovely girl. I've always loved african greys; they are so smart! My bird, Ivory, is a Cockatoo, and he also says 'whatcha doin?' It's so funny Congratulations for Pet of the Day!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    I love that name! I think it's a great name for a girlie girl like her. She is beautiful. I had a girl mouse named Norman one time, for the same reason.
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    What a beautiful girl you are Sherman! It sounds like you're a very happy bird! Congratulations on POTD! I hope your day is special.
    Forever in my heart...

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    Hi there, sassy Sherman!!! So, what's in a name, right sweetheart? Gotta love a girl who knows how to hold her own battling the big boys and those tough guy toys! Your "tank like" qualities aside, you are one gorgeous grey girl Sherman and true to your species, as smart as your are good looking! Can't blame you for craving a little privacy while nailing down those new quips, either! When I was a kid, I made everyone leave the house when I practiced my flute! And I too had to laugh at your protests at being "put away!" What fun is that when there's so much living and loving to do, so little time! Congratulations on your much deserved Pet of the Day honores, sweet Miss Sherman! What fun it was getting to know you! Hope you get to stay up late tonight and don't forget those Avi cakes, Mom!!!

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