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Thread: ***BRRR*** FREEZING thing happened last night

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    ***BRRR*** FREEZING thing happened last night

    Last night I was frozen after getting some candy so I went home. I was handing out candy and this whole church group came up to the door. So, in my sweats, sweatshirt, and socks I went outside and closed the door behind me because I didn't want the dogs getting out. After handing them out the candy I turned the door knob... it was locked! It was FREEZING weather outside, frost everywhere. All I had on was sweats, sweatshirt, and socks. No mittens, hat, nothing else. My parents and brother had gone out trick or treating for more candy I was STUCK outside!!! As some of you know, we moved so I didn't know anyone in the neighborhood. I was not going to go to a complete stranger's house and call on their phone... besides, I didn't even know if my mom had her phone with her! I was out there for AT LEAST 40 minutes before my parents came home and by then I felt like I had no toes.
    An hour later I was warm but still sitting in front of the fire place shivering.

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    Damn the not knowing anyone, they're your new neighbors. I would havek knocked and called!

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    Oh my Zoomer... that sounds awful. Glad you were finally able to get back inside and warmed up!

    I had something similiar happen to me, many years ago (read: before cell phones!). I went to leave the house, had my wallet (left the purse in the house), pulled the door shut, and realized the door was locked and I had no keys! (Now ex-) husband was out of town, and was not flying in until late that night. It was the middle of January, and I was just running out for a few minutes, so I didn't even put on a coat! I got a blanket out of the car (thank goodness that wasn't locked!) and wrapped myself up, not certain of what to do. Suddenly, I remembered a ladder in the garage that I knew would reach to the upstairs window that the lock was broken on! I could climb up, cut the screen with the hedge clippers and get inside. Four steps up the ladder, and it shifted, scaring me to death, and down I came! Ten minutes later, "Okay, I can do this!" And I try again. Same thing happens, and down I came! I went and sat in the car again. After about 2 hours of freezing, I decided to walk to the police station in town to see if one of our friends (also a cop) could help. Once there, I was told he wasn't on that day, and was, in fact, also out of town! My face must have fallen at that point, as I knew not what to do.The officer asked me what the problem was, and once he heard my story, he offered to take me to my house and help me. He would climb the ladder! So, a total of 3 police cars arrive at my house (with me in one) and they all shine their lights onto the house. The officer (MY HERO!) climbs the ladder, cuts the screen, goes in the window, and comes to the front door and lets me in! YEAH! I was so relieved!

    NOW... as Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story". My (now ex-) husband was a volunteer firefighter for the town we lived in, and the next day, he was home, and in a meeting when his fire pager went off, saying that there was a carbon monoxide detector going off and that the fire department was asked to respond as the lady of the house was feeling the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. And they gave our home address! Now usually, the fire department would respond to such a request with "no lights, no siren". But since they thought it was ME, the wife of one of their own, they took off full force! They got to the house and were pounding on the door, trying to get in. Well, the lady had given the wrong address! It wasn't me... I was at work!

    So withing 24 hours, the police were at our house, shining their lights on the house, cutting our screen window, and the fire department was there, lights and siren, trying to help someone with possible carbon monoxide poisoning!

    And we had moved in about 2 months before... Oh, what the neighbors must have thought!

    Sorry for rambling on. I have always thought this was a funny story!
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    Lol glad they didn't come any later lol you would have been an ice sculpture by then.

    Keep warm lol.

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    Thanks everyone Donna that's quite a story ! Eeek, glad those police officers came to help you!

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    Many times I've walked home from school only to find my keys were in the house and the doors were locked! Sometimes it was in the winter. I hate when that happens. Once I had to walk all the way to the park to use the porta- potti!

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    Oh my that reminds me of a similar story. Isn't it funny that so many of us have done this. Actually mine is a little bit different. I had come home from work one winter afternoon and came inside and took off my coat. Then I remembered that I hadn't stopped at the mailbox for the mail so I went right back out (wearing my thin little cotton scrubs from work). I left the main big door open and let the storm door close behind me. When I came back to the house and put my hand on the handle of the storm door the handle came off in my hand! Here I am outside in the cold in about 30 degrees with cotton scrubs and the dogs are looking at me through the glass storm door wondering why I don't come back in. It is times like these that I wish they had hands instead of paws! LOL! Anyway, I did go next door because thankfully my neighbor was home. She let me use her phone and call hubby. Whew! I am glad you are OK. Hope you are thawed out by now!

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    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zoomer, you know what I tell my teenage son? lol thats right sweetie "Dress For The Weather!!!" lol (Man, do I sound like a parent)Another great life lesson learned. Hope you are cozy warm now.
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    Haha thanks everyone and MajesticCollies, I seem to get told that ALL THE TIME!

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    Oh, that must have been fun How cold was it there???? Becuase it was 29 degrees here, and I couldnt stand it.... Hope you dont get sick girl.

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    you can't get sick from the temerature.

    Niņo & Eliza

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