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Thread: not another guinea pig!

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    not another guinea pig!

    A while back I posted two of my sister's guinea pigs and complained so much about their stinky pees. And now she brought another one! How long should I sustain such smell!!!


    Elle Mayson
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    If their cage is cleaned more often, you shouldn't have a problem with the smell!

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    Exactly what Karen said.
    I've had guinea pigs in the past, and they never stunk.. and when they did, it wasn't overpowering.
    What kind of bedding is your sister using?

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    Well, we try to clean it as often as we could.
    It's actually their pee that really stinks.
    But I guess it's just natural for their pee to get stinky right?

    Elle Mayson
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    When I worked in a pet store we would have up to six piggies in a cage and they never stunk. When we cleaned their cages we would spray them down first with white vinegar and then with a disinfectant.

    I was told (I can't verify this for sure) that the vinegar helped break up the urine and kept them from getting stinky.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    What the white vinegar does is actually remove the residue - crystals that can form from the pee. Vinegar is a mild acid.

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    REally? Vinegar and...oh ok...I 'll try it!
    Those are great tips! Thanks....


    Elle Mayson
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    I use to wash with Dawn then dump a little vinegar, let it sit for about 2 minute then rinse with clean water and dry. I also made sure it was dry before adding bedding.

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    Everything you mentioned here., I'd do them all today.
    It wouldn't be that tasky right?

    Elle Mayson
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