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    thanks for the pottytraining tips.. but my sis's husband doesn't wnat hte trouble of pottytrainig a dog. my sis is so upset. they are giving away thier little about 6mo old black chihuahua,diego.
    he is free to a good home. but i'll be seeing who his home is going to be. i'll have to approve of the people before they can take the dog. i need help on how to find the perfect owner

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    So explain to me why they got the dog in the first place...did he think that dogs came potty trained??? I don't know an animal (including humans) that don't!!

    The first thing I would do is make up an adoption application, with things like the name of the vet they use, where the dog will stay (inside or outside), if they've had any other animals and describe their relationship, do they have a fence or a trolley, etc. And I would check with their vet to see if all of their other animals have been properly vetted.

    Candy is probably the one to talk to about applications though...she's done it a lot.

    Good luck. I would take Diego if he wouldn't be treats on feet!! lol

    Keep us informed.

    Don't buy while shelter dogs die!!

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    Maybe he shouldn't have gotten a dog if he didn't want to bother with it??

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    my siis works all day and her husband doesn't have a job. he just lazy in my opinion

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    Did I miss something?

    I'm a bit confused, why would anyone get a puppy, if they refuse to go through the ordeal of house-breaking? A dog, especially a puppy, is a huge responsibility. Besides not fixing one's pet, I'd say one of the major reasons there are so many animals in shelters, is because people get them because they're cute, not realizing all the work it takes to raise a good companion.

    I hope this poor little pooch finds someone who will take care of it and appreciate all the time training takes and all the rewards that come with having a dog. Raising a good dog is like raising a good kid, it'll wear ya out, but it's worth it in the end!
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    please stop it!!
    it is not her fault. she did think about those things.
    she was trying to pottytrain him and everything.

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    I do not take back anything I said, but I did not mean to break your heart or anything. I'm sure it is a very sad time for you and your sister.

    It is just a very frustrating situation. It happens soooo often. A puppy is basically a full time job. I wish you and your sis luck in finding a home for the puppy. Maybe someone will read these posts and have second thoughts on bringing home the adorable pet, they may not be ready for, and maybe another person who is completely ready for the responsiblity of a pet will want to give Diego or another needy animal a great home.

    Good luck to ya!

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