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Thread: Majestic Maxx!!!

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    Majestic Maxx!!!

    Maxx, you are one handsome guy!!! I would love to see you run. Have an extra special day as our DOTD, sweetie!!!
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    Just one look into your beautiful brown eyes and your handsome smile , justifies how Wonderful a Dog you have to be.

    Congratulations for Being in the * Lime Light * as The Dog of the Day.
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    maxx--you are a beautiful boy for sure. however, a big dog like you NEEDS to be socialized with other dogs or you could end up in big trouble. being asked to leave a park is nothing to be proud of. a wonderful boy like you needs proper training so you do not put yourself, your owner and other dogs at risk. if your parents love you as much as they say, they should do this for you -- or hire someone to show you how---so then everyone can see what a wonderful pet you really are!


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    Hey there handsome Maxx! Yes, majestic is the perfect word to describe you, sweet boy! What a beautiful breed blend you are and what spunk and spirit you have As they say, love hard and play hard! I'd love to see you in full out "missle mode," Maxx What a glorious sight that must be! We thank your family too for opening up their home and hearts to not just one but two such deserving doggies! For sure you are one much loved pup and they in turn are blessed to have a best friend and companion in you
    Congrats on your Dog of the Day reign, Maxx! What a most deserving honoree you are! I hope you and Puka and your people are enjoying a very happy, adventure and fun filled day of celebration! Hugs and kisses to you, sweet Maxx!!!

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    Maxx, you have such a happy-go-lucky expression on your face, I just had to smile when I saw you! I love the fact that, even with all your faults, your family seems to accept you for who you are and loves you unconditionally!
    You truly are a special dog, especially since you are a Los Angeleno like me Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

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    Hi, Maxx! You are a very handsome boy. I can't help but wonder if you may be part hound (your snout and the way you stick your nose all the way into the bushes makes me think of my coondoggie). Whatever mix you are, you are fantastic and I hope you are having fun celebrating your special day! Congrats on DOTD!

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    Hello Maxx,

    What a handsome pupster you are. So glad to hear you do have one
    dog buddy in Puka.Most all dogs love to have at least one other dog pal
    to talk & play with.Happy congrats on being chosen for special honors as
    our much loved DOG OF THE DAY. Hugs & kisses big guy.
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    Maxx with two x's

    Maxx, you are eXtra, eXtra handsome! Happy Dog-of-the-Day! I hope you get used to playing so you don't get asked to leave the park, or to stop singing. You sound like you're in touch with your inner pup! Ask your human to pet your beautiful coat for me. Best wishes to you and your fur-sib Puka too.

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    Hi Maxx!!

    You are one good looking doggie there buddy!! We're in love with that handsome facie and amber eyes. Those eyes could melt the hardest of hearts. Your never ending antics sound as if your human could be describing a Ridgeback for sure. Our Aunt had a Ridgie(RB Jubie)and he was every bit of energy and vitality that's included in your action packed bio. No matter what breed you are, we think you're absolutely adorable We would simply looovvvee to see pictures of Puka and more of you too!! Please have the family join Pet Talk! Kisses and congrats to you today sweetie!! We hope your day is filled with fun and celebration for being our highly esteemed DOTD!! Happiness always Maxx!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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