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    Do any of you have a word to let the dogs know what they did was wrong? For example say I tell Sheena to Sit. But instead she lays down. I then Say "Naughty Sheena" She then will get into the sit. Another example is say she is in her Place while we eat a meal. In the middle of the meal she gets up to lay on the floor. I then say "Naughty Sheena" and she will instantly get back on the chair which is her place. I like this word because it conveys to the dog that what they did displeased me and was teh wrong action. They will then do the proper action without me having to repeat a command. Depending on teh tone of my voice also will convey to them how displeased I am. Luca is the same way. I prefer it over using the word No because I use No when the kids are doing something wrong and I don't want teh dogs to think they are doing something wrong at those times. Just wondering if anyone else does this because I find it very useful.

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    I use "Ach" in a deep tone of voice!

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    your dog sits at the table with you? thats awesome!!!

    i say "bad dog" when she does something REALLY bad ( like potty on the floor, lol ) but that is rare. otherwise i use her name in a stern tone to let her know she is doing something wrong, its hard to explain though, usually i do that when she is wondering around and i can't tell exactly what she is up to so she will come to me. other wise i use "NO!" in verying degree's of severity.

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    lol No she does not sit at teh table with us. She sits in a big old arm chair in the livingroom. That is her place when we eat meals.

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    "Shame on you" or "no".

    "Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you?
    But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window." -- Steve Bluestone

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    I use "NIT" in a hissed tone.. No means NO instant, NIt means try again or cool it.. ( much better than knock it off...) I use to have a van named " hushpuppy" ( hshpupe) which I figured was better than "shut up dog"... lol..

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    While I don't own German Sheperd dogs, I occasionally have 2 who visit me quite often..

    When I tell Hexay to sit, she "speaks" ( maybe in German? ) so, then I say--EH! EH! EH!!!-- "come on Hexay, you know the drill"----"Sit !" We'll go through this for a few minutes, or a few more " woffs", then, she'll sit!!! She is a very vocal dog most of the time anyway, for an Older German Sheperd~~

    Kasha ( the black one) is well trained, she will sit and offer to shake your hand, but, she wants to be Grammas little Baby (Senior Dog), and keeps coming back for another treat when she has been a very good girl!!! It's so hard not to spoil her, she is such a sweetheart!!

    Both of these dogs are just ANGELS!!!!!
    Rest in Peace Corinna~ Well Never Forget You~


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    Shepherds, especially females, will try to figure out another way to do something. They are also smart enough to know if they dont do it quite right- you talk to them more, and they love the sound of your voice.. lol.. Yes I am kidding =- but sometimes I wondered..

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