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Thread: Sigmund!

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    Sigmund, you are a very handsome and very tenacious kitty man. You are a wonderful example of getting past adversity and living with a disability. It's appropriate that you and Kleina, the Dog-of-the-Day are honorees on the same day. Have a wonderful day with your people and ask them if they'll please pet your beautiful coat for us. Purrs and head bops (and hugs) from Illinois.
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    It's sad that little Sigmund can't see, but it seems as if he gets the love he needs right where he's at. He is lucky to have a sweet family that loves him so much!
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    What a sweetie you are, Sigmund, and how clever! Congratulations on having found just the right home!

    Love, Columbine

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    Congrats on COTD! Awesome kitty.

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