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    Otto you are soooo amazing!!! I was sooooo excited to see a Rottie Boy as Dog Of The Day!!!!

    You are just too handsome for your own good!
    I have a Rottie boy too, so i know how special you are!!

    Congratulations big boy!!!

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    Otto, what a big strong boy you are. I'll bet you and your person just have a ball together. I'm glad you have a happy home with someone who loves you. Hugs and treats for you today sweet Otto. Congratulations on being our DOTD.

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    hello handsome Otto! So nice to see your picture as dog of the day, I love rottis, as do many others here on PT. My RB Rosie was half rottie. You sound like one special boy, and I'll bet you have a blast riding in your trailer!

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    Hi there Otto,

    You are a very handsome fella & I'm so glad you have a great life
    with your human family.I would take you everywhere with me if you lived
    in my family. I'll bet you two are a fun sight to see, with you riding in
    your sidecar.Happy trails to you both.Congratulations on being chosen
    for special honors as our beloved DOG OF THE DAY. Big hugs & kisses.
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