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Thread: beer for my horse?

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    beer for my horse?

    'Why the long face?'

    A new pub landlady got a shock when she discovered one of her regulars is a horse.

    Jackie Gray recently became landlady at the Alexandra Hotel in Jarrow, Tyneside.

    She says she got a pleasant surprise when carthouse Peggy joined owner Peter Dolan for a pint.

    The 12-year-old's tipple is a pint of John Smiths and pickled onion crisps.

    Mrs Gray said: "When I bought the pub a few weeks ago I heard rumours that one of the regulars was a horse but I didn't quite believe them. It was a hot day when the horse came in and I was shocked at first because I have never run a pub before."

    Mr Dolan, 61, from Jarrow, bought Peggy six years ago and discovered her fondness for the pub when she followed him inside.

    According to the BBC he said: "Peggy's no bother at all. Most of the regulars know her as she's been coming in here for years and for them Peggy's a bit of a novelty. She's a proper lady."



    And a whiskey for my men?
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    You often see dogs in pubs, but I think a horse is quite unusual!

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    Now I will have Toby Keith's song in my head for the rest of the day....thank you Richard! I wonder if there is a way to administer breathalizer tests to horses. Should he really be out on the road gallopping after downing a pint?

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    Ha Ha!!!! You never know, do you? Peggy is probably better behaved than some of the human clientele!

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    I never knew you had been to Tyneside, Logan!

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