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Thread: Pet Limit Laws in your state

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    Pet Limit Laws in your state

    I am researching pet limit laws in all states but am having difficulty finding ones that tell me exactly how many of what kind, etc allowed.

    Do you know the pet limit laws in your state? Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

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    New Jersey
    In New Jersey the limits are set by each town or municipality. I don't think there are any State regulations (in NJ) in reference to how many animals you may have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger's Mom
    In New Jersey the limits are set by each town or municipality. I don't think there are any State regulations (in NJ) in reference to how many animals you may have.

    I'm pretty positive its the same way here. Though I do know, that if you live outside of city limits, there isn't any set limit on pets.

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    Binghamton, New York
    We live Outside the city limits, so there is no limit as to how many animals we have.

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    Out of curiosity I tried looking that up for our state, and also could not find anything specific about number of animals except in one instance. One sentence stated a person must have a kennel license if they have 3 or more dogs specifically for purposes of breeding, selling, boarding for hire, etc, but did not specify household pets, and I could not find any references to any limits on number of cats at all.

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    I live in Canada, here is what the pet limit laws for Surrey are...

    The Surrey Zoning By-law, No. 12000 makes provisions for the keeping of animals on properties in Surrey. Each lot in Surrey may have a maximum of 2 dogs. Cats, birds, etc. have no limit on a property.


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    In Manitoba, different cities, towns, etc. have different laws.

    In my city, it's 3 dogs and 3 cats per household.

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    Here is what I found for Hawaii...
    If you live in a residential area, no more than ten dogs, aged 4-months or older, are allowed. Two chickens per household are the limit in residential areas. Pigs and other farm animals are permitted in residential areas only if the requirements in Sec 7-2.5 are met. There is no law governing the number of cats, birds or other companion animals you may keep.

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    It is by city here (Utah) too. From what I've read it ranges from 2-4 pets (which in most cases includes dogs and cats total) per household. Most places it is 2, which is ridiculous in my opinion.

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    I think they should include how many animals of what type you are allowed to have when you apply for a dog license. My city sent out a letter for dog licenses and it distinctly tells you which license you should be applying for.

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    I heard on the news here in my city it is 5 pets(not counting fish)
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    If there are any, I don't know about them. I live in SC.


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    Yeah my city is only two dogs. I haven't read about anything else, but im not getting rid of my 4 rats, my snake, or my guinea pigs, but I do only have two dogs and no cats.

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    Here it varies depending on town or city as well. MOST places allow 3-5 dogs and unlimited cats (as well as unlimited caged animals & fish), but again it really varies depending on where you live. Some places in NY are starting to have a limit on cats and some are even starting a leash law for cats as well. I have a limit on cats where I live but that is because I live in a trailer park & I have to obide by the parks rules but anywhere else in my town it is unlimited, the towns limit for dogs is 4, I'm at my max. lol.
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