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    Skinner, you are precious gift. I'll bet the people you visit are so glad to see you. I would be! You are such a help to your Mom. Congrats on Dog of the Day.
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    Skinner you are very special and precious indeed. That one picture of you chilling out and listening to whatever your listening to is darling. I'll bet you bring alot of smiles to everyone you meet. What a sweet dog of the day you are-dont know about those "presents" though.

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    Oh Skinner U R 2 cute! And u oviesly r 1 caring dog i can see!!!!!!

    Congradulations on DOTD!!!!
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    Congrats Skinner--you are so adorable!!!!

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    Hey Skinner! You're just a doll!
    You look so cute with your little headset. Sometimes I wear one of those at work too.

    Skinner, you are a sweet little angel and you were sent your human's way for a reason. Bless you, little one, and your human too.

    Many thanks to Kay for the fabulous sig!

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    How preciuos! Love the school pic! Congratulations on being todays DOTD!

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    Skinner, you are a handsome boy, I just loved your webpage. You smile pretty too.
    Bridget a member of Petoftheday also has a Bassett whose name is Daisy, I think she would fall in love if she saw you. Maybe she will get to see you before the day is over.
    Congradulations on being the most handsome, lovable, cutest, smilingest, Dog of the Day.
    If you look through the posts you may see a photo of Daisy.

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    Oh sweet Skinner! You are so precious! You really know how to take a photo! And picturing you as an M&M??? Too cute for words! Thank you Skinner for spreading all that love you have in your BIG, BIG, basset heart along to your many admirers! And you dear one have given your mommy the greatest gift of all! A determined spirit and joy for living! That makes you the Dog of the Day, EVERY DAY!! What a love, what a healer, what a very, very special Dog of the Day you are! Lots of hugs and kisses to you beautiful Skinner! P.S. Sorry to have been so late in posting! I saved the best for last!

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    Oh my GOODNESS! Skinner, I am the Bridget that Jackie mentioned. I too have a Basset Hound. Her name is Daisy, and we both agree that you are absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful markings and such a sweet face! And look at your droopy ears, true Basset style! I could go on forever oohing and ahing over your good looks, but I must move on to your personality. Your mom says you are rotten but I don't beleive her! If I tried to dress Daisy up as an M&M, she would NOT be too cooperative! And you visit people too! What a good girl you are. Most of all, I am proud that you help your Mommy out with her disease. My father is also quite sick and she gives him a reason to get out of bed too. You Bassets truly are lifesavers! Congratulations, sweet Skinner, on being the most fabulous sweet Dog of the Day!

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    Dear, sweet, Skinner! I know exactly how your mommy feels..I too have Fibromyalgia and there are days I wouldn't know what to do with my Cody! I know you bring your mommy lots of joy and happiness and make her smile and laugh despite her pain and your little presents! I have "met" so many Bassetts lately that I 'm falling in love with each and every one! You know you are DOTD every day! Prayers to both of you for a long, happy life together!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Just had to pop in, late of course, and tell you what a special boy you are! You help to brighten the day of so many who need that little boost that only a special pet can provide.
    Congratulations to a fellow South Carolinian on being selected as Dog of the Day!


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