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Thread: Help! Eating dead leaves

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    Help! Eating dead leaves

    I hope someone can advise me on this. I have three ficus trees in the fenced-in yard where Don Juan and Zerlina play (supervised). About a week ago, Don Juan started eating the dead ficus leaves! I say NO! and take him back in the house when he does this, but he is so crazy about it that he will dash out the door to his favorite pile when I come home from work. I'm really concerned, especially after checking online and finding that ficus is poisonous to dogs.

    Zerlina chases bugs in and around the dead leaves, but only eats green stuff.

    Don Juan and his sister have food, treats and a nice pot of cat grass inside. I'm renting, so removing the trees isn't an option.

    Any suggestions?

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    If it's like peach, cherry, plum (stone-fruit) leaves, they are only dangerous in the wilted stage...both fresh/green and totally dry are harmless...but wilted can be very dangerous...I don't think ficus are related to these others, so can't tell you whether this might be true for them too, though.

    This link was posted in a previous thread and goes into toxicities specific to cats...I don't remember who put me on to it, or I would give them credit for bringing it to our attention.

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    Something can be toxic to cats and not to dogs; and vice versa. First you need to find out if this plant is toxic to cats specifically.

    In my experience, once they find something they like to munch, there's no stopping it!

    Having said that . . . my cats will nibble on my house plants. I add some Barley Cat to their food and they don't nibble my house plants. Then I get tired and forget the Barley Cat and in a few days, the nibbling starts again.

    Good luck!

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    1,557 lists ficus among the dangerous plants. I'll check out Barley Cat.

    Thank you! And I welcome other suggestions...

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    From what I know ficus is toxic due to the latex it contains, which is very corrosive. I would say that the risk is low with dry leaves, but I am not sure at all. The main signs of toxicity are vomitting, salivation, diarrhea.

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    Barley cat?

    what is Barley cat?

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