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Thread: Peeing on clothes and blankets

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    Peeing on clothes and blankets

    My sisters cat is about 12 or 13 years old and he has started peeing on pillows, blankets and clothes. we have 4 litter boxes for him in the house that are always kept clean. We started feeding him 9 lives urinary track control cat food that's what the vet recommended. He is also on medicine for acute Kidney failure but is doing really good now. I just can't get him to stop peeing everywhere he isn't supposed to.

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    Peeing on clothes & blankets

    Awee poor baby probley cant help it.. Be sure to take out & was at once what ever he has peeed on.. I think there is a spray you can buy at the pet store or Vet that will discourage him to do this.. You may have to pet diaper him.. Good luck

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    Please have your cat checked out by the vet for a Urinary Tract Infection. Peeing outside the box is usually a sign of urinary problems. Especially a cat that age who has been diagnosed with acute kidney failure.

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