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    Can you send us some good thoughts tonight? - Updated -

    I have to take Nakita to the vet tonight. We've been having ongoing 'odd' issues over the last few months with her health. We're not sure if these symptoms are being caused by her food, stress or other behavioural problems - or a combination. Might be linked with her hyperesthesia but could be something else as well.

    I don't ask for vibes unless I'm worried. Right now I'm quite worried about her and adding Phoenix to the household hasn't made things easier. She's avoiding her and staying upstairs and I really didn't plan for this type of reaction. On the advice of a vet I added Phoenix to help Nakita, not hinder her.

    We have our appointment at 6:45 tonight. Can you send us plenty of positive vibes? I think right now we both could use some positive thoughts that Nakita's health issues will be figured out and we can return at some point to a calm household. I just want my emerald girl to be healthy. Thanks!
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