The lady who I originally received an email from has been super busy so I volunteered with another organization (to help ease her load), Animal Welfare Inc. I was invited by Gloria (the woman who runs it) to come down and watch how they do things. I filled out an app and am waiting for a call for a home visit. Then, things should be ready to go!

She has one cat specifically in mind. The bitty (I've been calling *everything* a bitty lately. Dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it.) is with an older woman who can't keep her for some reason or other.

These people came in and dropped off a cat that looked like Kim/catnappers Harry! I thought about asking them if I could foster him for them! The man wanted to keep him but the wife said no. The boy was in a dog crate with a makeshift litter box (disposable lasagna pan) and toy. He cried the whoooole time!

They had the sweetest little BC mix named Moxie. SO wonderfully friendly, her foster mama said that since I'm there then I am still fair game.

There were three women (gloria and two foster mamas) with six pups and almost ten cats up at petsmart. These are the pups that I got to see and spend time with:

Tiffy (Tiffany)

Savannah (Wilburs mama)


They did not have pictures of Homer, the Walker boy, or another *VERY* small lab mix girl. They were both cuties!

Heh, hopefully I will know something within the next couple of days!