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    Hi all,
    Cochise is quickly approaching 6 months old now. He is an Aussie. For the first 4 months we had him he did not make a peep. About two weeks ago he discovered he could bark and it has progressively gotten worse. Everytime someone walks by our house, or by us on the street or in the park he barks at them. I am worried that this is becoming an over compensation for his fear of people and that he may become aggressive. The problem is that the suggestions we have been given to stop his barking (using a can full of coins or simply scolding him) don't work as he can't even hear them over the barking! People are now afraid of him and think that he is mean, even though if they step towards him he runs away. Any suggestions?? I have been told by a few people this is just a phase...but I dunno! Thanks!

    Thank you so much Kay for this great Sig!!

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    He's becoming a teenager, and figuring out his role in the world. If you have him on a leash, as soon as he starts barking, give a quick tug on the leash and get his attention. Make him sit, go through a series of commands - whatever, just to break his attention away from barking and toward you. Redoing obedience training might help. He's figuring out his role in the pack, and you have to remain the "big dog" through these challenges, you'll both be happier this way!

    If he doesn't like water, a spray can of water will be more effective than rattling the can.

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    Thanks Karen!
    We are int he middle of obedience right now (only 3 classes left!).
    We have tried the water, unfortunatly I think he is hiding a set of gills somewhere! He loves water and simply feels that is a game.
    He has been much better tonight if I do as you suggested and ask him to sit, down..whatever the command may be. Thanks again!

    Thank you so much Kay for this great Sig!!

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