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Thread: So here's these pictures i told you about...

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    So here's these pictures i told you about...

    Here's the picture's from the before and after of the painting in my bathroom
    here's the before...

    and the after...(dont mind the lighter places, i just got done painting and wanted to take pictures of it before we had some people come over to the house)

    Give me some honest feedback, does it look any better??
    I plan on painting the cupboardes tan to match the tan border, but i ran outa time!!

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    Oooh! I love that color MUCH more than the blue! I think it looks great!

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    Yes it looks better with the burgandy type color than the blue! Great job!

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    It looks really good. I like it alot better then the blue!

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    THe blue was just too bright! It looks alot better now!

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    I think it looks much better! Eventhough I like brighter, and more vivid colors, that blue was just too much.
    Good job! =D

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