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Thread: Best Digital Camera for bf?

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    Best Digital Camera for bf?

    I know I've posted about this before, but my boyfriend is bugging to me post again!

    He wants to know what everyone uses, camera wise, He is open for suggestions on what types, makes etc.

    He is willing to pay up to 300 for one so a newer model of some kind, he loves gadgets and features so Im guessing the more the better really!

    We recently went to Madame Tussauds and as we was taking a photo of Kylie the first one he actually saw the camera decided to break down! Talk about luck!

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    Canon! We just got an S3, and it is amazing, the 12x zoom is fabulous!

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    Yes i agree Canon! I have a Canon SD630 with 14 optical zoom, and 6 mega pixels or is it 5? lol but yah they are very good cameras. Just like the one Karen has is a very good camera as well.

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    Definitely Canon!


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    Looks like everyone pretty much goes for the Canon range.

    After looking, there are so many to choose from. Which model would be the best to go for?

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    We have an Olympus FE-115 with 11X zoom,works great,takes great pictures,clear and sharp.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Canon. I have a Powershot A510 and love it.

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    How well would the Canon IXUS 800IS fare? There has been quite a lot of good reviews about it around the web, but would prefer to ask you real people to see if its really good in all conditions?

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    What does he want to use it for? Is he into professional photography? If so I would go with one of the higher-class Canons. If he is just looking for a point-and-shoot camera, I would look into the PowerShot series.


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    Thanks everyone, Hes found one hes after now its a canon something its not a powershot though its got "X" in the title

    Hopefully he will get it before Discover dogs in London so I can take loads of photos!

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