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Thread: Grass Eater??

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    Grass Eater??

    Coco eats the grass all the time, along with sticks an other things she finds just laying around outside on the ground! Ive heard a controversy of things with dogs who eat grass, as too why! I was told they eat it when they are sick because it settles their stomach, then i heard they eat it to help them throw up! and i dont know why she does it! the vet told us to stop letting her do that because she throws up alot as it is and it isnt helping her any! can someone explain why she does this and how i can get her to stop??

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    If the saying that a dog only eats grass when they're stomach is upset was true, my two dogs would be very sick canines!

    But nope, I call Mickey a horse because that's all he does when he's outside.. he'll play for all of 2 minutes, plonk down and eat all the grass he can find. lol

    It's totally fine, don't worry.

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    All of my dogs are grazers. I dont believe there's a need to be concerned.

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    My dogs (especially the boys) are grazers. I have no idea why, but they definitely aren't sick. I can even pick long blades of grass and use them as treats for Jack, he just loves it that much. My dogs have also only thrown up the grass they ate on RARE occasions. Are you sure the grass was making her sick?

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    My fur kids are the same. Sometimes I think they are goats in a dogs body. They dont throw up and they eat a lot of grass.

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    I can't believe a reputable vet would say or believe that!!!

    Anyway it is 100% fine so long as the grass is not treated with chemicals. Then that can make your puppers sick


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    Mine are both grazers too and they very very rarely throw up. They both also eat and love salad (including balsamic vinegar). We think they think of grass as "salad on the hoof."

    (PS if you feed your dogs salad you should take out any onions first - garlic is OK)

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    Add my Bob to the grazer list. First thing he does when he's let out is to find some grass to chew.

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