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Thread: Deezle !!!

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    Deezle !!!

    Uh, oh!!! It's cuteness overload alert today!!! You have such an adorable little face. And my goodness ... you weigh in at a whopping 5 pounds!!! Enjoy your day sweetie!!! Happy DOTD to you and your loving family!!!
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    Oh would you look at that face! Deezle I believe you might be thinking that you want your human to put down that camera and PLAY! You are just a little love aren't you. You look so cute posed there on that quilt but I bet you spend your days more in human laps rather than on furniture. I guess you are about to head down to Florida for the winter. Have a good time down there. Maybe you might look up Daisy and Delilah, some long lost siblings (?) Congratulations to you sweetie on being our special Dog of the Day!

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    Hi Dazzling Deezle!!

    What a great idea Pam!! Come on over for a visit Deezle!! We think you might just be a long lost cousin Whether we're related or not, we just love you little guy!! A cute little snowbird indeed. We love your picture too. It looks like you were ready to charge for the camera with some little growls going. If that's the case, we know you're related to Delilah for sure. Congrats on yur big day sweetie!! Tons of kisses to you from us and we wish you and your family continued happiness!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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    You Are A Cutie - Fer-scheezle!!!

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    Deezle!!!! What A Spit-fire you are !!!!!!

    You're cute from your head to the end of your tail!!!!!!!

    I'm so very glad you that you have the Wonderful Life that you Have!!!!! As, I am inclined to think that you rescued them too!!!!

    Congratulations Deezle on being ~~The Dog of the Day!!!!!

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    Deezle, you are one cute pup!!! What a strange mix you are--it will be fun for your parents to see what you will look like when you finally grow up. You sound like a very special guy; so smart and loving! Your family was very lucky to have the opportunity to adopt you. Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

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    Cuteness alert, cuteness OVERLOAD! Oh Deezle, you are one cutie patootie and what an adorable little scamp, a fab blend of two awesome breeds Gotta love those facial markings and oh, those ears! So what's the final verdict on the ears...up, down, one up one down? lol Whichever, you couldn't be more precious! That's quite the life of adventure you lead Deezle, dividing your time between beautiful Cape Cod and sunny Florida! Wow, now that's what I call living the good life! We have a home on Cape Cod and who knows, maybe one day I'll bump into you on the beach! Enjoy being Dog of the Day, sweetheart and every day of your wonderful life! Hugs and kisses to adorable Deezle, our most deserving honoree!

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    Deezle, you are ADORABLE!! With an adorable name to match I love it. You remind me a bit of our very own Maggie here on PT. Congrats on being DOTD today, cutie! Hope you are extra spoiled on your special day.

    Ashley & Crossbone ("mini ACD")
    Living with my parent's: Jack (Lab/Beagle), Micki & Mini (JRTS)
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    Oh Deezle, you sure are a cutie. And you are a man who summers in Florida and winters on the Cape, that obviously makes you a very special (and lucky ) boy. I am so happy to have met you today. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your very special day.

    And I agree with Ashley, you do remind me of our Maggie.

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    Hello Deezle,

    What a precious face you have sweetie. I would love to see more
    pictures of your handsome little self.I am so very happy to know what a
    wonderful family you have become part of. You certainly deserve the best.
    Happy congrats on being our super special DOG OF THE DAY. Kisses for
    your sweet,fuzzy face baby boy.
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    Hi, Deezle! You are an adorable fella! What an interesting combination you are, and quite handsome! Enjoy your special day today. I hope you get some extra special attention. Congrats on DOTD!


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