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Thread: Video of Steve Irwins death

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    Video of Steve Irwins death

    Does anyone think the video of the incident should be released to the public? There is some controversy over that. Some of his close friends do not want it released. But Steve said a few years ago that he would want a somthing like that released.
    I personally don't think it should be released.


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    No, I don't think it should be released.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    No. I don't really see the point.

    However, It would be nice to see the videos prior to the incident if Animal Planet chose to use it in a tribute. He always had insightful things to say.
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    I know I would watch it if it was public but to me, death is an extreemly private thing and it should NOT be made public. It should only be use as a learning tool to maybe prevent it from happening to someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura's Babies
    I know I would watch it if it was public but to me, death is an extreemly private thing and it should NOT be made public. It should only be use as a learning tool to maybe prevent it from happening to someone else.
    Ditto, I would be very upset to see it though. Probably even crying.
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    I voted "no", but I'm not sure.

    This is an quote by Steve from his IMDB profile (although, if you look for it now, they removed half of the quote):

    "He tells his camera crew to always be filming. If he needs help, he will ask for it. Even if he is eaten by a shark or croc, the main thing he wants is that it be filmed. If he died, he would be sad if no one got it on tape."

    Although, I would not like the media to be the ones to play the video. I think it would be more acceptable if Animal Planet did some kind of tribute segment and showed the video.

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    No!!! I think it should be destroyed. How would his kids feel if they ever saw that?

    When my grandfather died in a car wreck, the police took photos which they do at those times. When my brother was in driver's ed, they showed the pics of Grandpa's car. It really shook him up.

    Yes, they used the pics as a teaching tool but it was uncalled for!!!

    Luckily for me, by the time I took driver's ed, they no longer used that clip.
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    No has no place on a public medium. How traumatic would it be for his children to accidently see their father dying on TV or the internet, etc? I can't even imagine. I know I have absolutely NO desire to EVER watch someone die in front of my eyes...especially when it is by choice...ACK!

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    No, I hope it is destroyed. I don't think his family should be have to go through that. In this case, even if it's something he would have wanted, I would consider the effect on Terri and his children first. I'm sure he would not want to hurt them emotionally any more than they already are.

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    As far as I have heard, he would have wanted the video to be release, and at the end of the day it is up to his widow. I am sure she will make the right choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugsy
    How traumatic would it be for his children to accidently see their father dying on TV or the internet, etc?

    I wonder about Madonna, Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton's kids....


    I would not seek it out, but I know that someone that I email would send it to me.

    I don't have a opinion one way or the other.
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    I'd like to see it edited to show all but the last ten seconds.

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    absolutly not!..last i had heard they were going to destroy it though

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    I'm unsure... if thats what he wanted....

    We talked about this in SS Wednesday.... everyone said they shouldn't release it because it pointless. Maybe if he got killed by a alligator or somthing that your could possibly can away from. So you know that to do, or not to do what he did....

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    I just don't think I can vote on this topic. I think his family should choose whether it should be released or not. Steve wanted anything that ever happened to him to be on film, and I didn't know that it is, but it is. I don't think he said anything about it being published, but in all due respect for him and his family, I really think his family should choose.

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