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Thread: Hi Redding !!

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    Hi Redding !!

    Good morning to our very handsome DOTD, Golden Boy, Redding!! We're fortunate enough to have a big nephew named Jake that looks just like you. You have the same big smile that Jake has. We love your picture, taken in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. Did you have a good time there Redding? Our Mom loves it there. We might get to go up there soon too. It's a pleasure to meet you this morning Big Man. We offer huge congratulations and we hope Mom can give you lots and lots of kisses from us to celebrate. We wish you and your family continued happiness!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Hello Redding,

    What a great picture of you out in the woods. You sound like a very
    active fella who's always up for a game of ball, but loves being around his
    people. You sure are a beautiful pupster & Im happy to offer you big congrats
    on your special day as our deserving DOG OF THE DAY. Hugs & kisses sweetie.
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    Greetings to you, beautiful Redding! Your photo and bio. have my Retriever loving heart thumping! You sweet boy are the quintessential Golden guy; for you it's all about, sticks, balls, retrieving and LOVE...pure Velcro! I met a Golden boy much like you one year at the beach. Every time I went into the water, he'd come bounding off the beach, paddle toward me and try to rescue me by mouthing my arm and pulling me in! lol You Goldens are simply the best! I hope you're having a super fun Dog of the Day bash today Redding, hiking, retrieving and loving on your humans! Congratulations to you precious Redding, our extra special and most deserving honoree! Sending you all my love and bunches of hugs and kisses on your well earned day of honor!

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    Hi, Redding! You are a very handsome boy! And you look very friendly, too. I hope you are enjoying your special day by getting lots of extra affection. Congrats on DOTD!

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    Redding, you are one gorgeous dog! You stare?
    Heck I'd be the one starring at you. *blush* You can retieve me by my wrists anytime, sweet boy! Congrats!
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    Ravishing Redding

    Congrat's Redding!
    Aren't you sweet? Great shot of you enjoying nature...
    Golden's are such a wonderfully natured breed.

    It sounds like you're a very "oral" pup just like ours who loves sticks, balls, anything she can chew and play with.
    Have a grrrrrreat life and thanks for being the DOTD!
    Jasmine's Mom

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    Alo Redding! You are such a handsome boy! What a cutie for DOTD! Congratulations!

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    Oh My, My, My!!!! What a handsome hunk you are, Redding! And a tennis ball loving, staring, leaner too!!!! Now I know I'm in love with you! Congrats, sweetie, on your special day!

    I've been Boooo'd!


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