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Thread: pups that PTers found and reunited with owners,,

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    pups that PTers found and reunited with owners,,

    well I was going through pics and found pics of Honey and Cassie so I thought, that a LOT of Pters have rescued lost doggies and reunited then with their owners or rehomed, this is the thread for pics and stories of them all!

    Honey(real name Sheba) is a Husky we rescued in June 2004, my mom found her running along the highway on her way home from work, I had been at my freidns studying for finals when my mom phoned on her way home asked me to come home fast and help her, we guessed honey to be around 1-2 years old. she was very sweet and walked well on a leash, but she had been gone for a little while and had either been hit by a car or attacked, she was covered in ticks and full of open wounds, most hidden by her hair though so they wernt visable in pics. 3 days later we found her owners, turned out that her name was Sheba, she was 9 years old and 90% blind, she had gotten outsde in a storm and got disorintated, she lived almost an hour drive away from where we had found her, they were so gratful that they got their baby back


    the most recent was Cassie(real name Frankie) found in Febuary this year, I was at home and got a frantic call from my 2 best friends, they had been out for a walk and came accross a lost dog, their fisrt instinct was to call me lol so I grabbed and collar and leash and met them half way, it was late and night and winter lol Cassie was thin and matted and dirty, I brought her home and miraculouly she fit right into my pack, she was such a nice dog that my brother, who hates dogs, said we should get rid of our dogs and keep Cassie lol we started searching that night for her owners, contacting rescues, shelters, lost ads placing found ads, calling national and international tatoo registrys, every vet we could find, and even SGI as her tatoo looked like a licence plate! the next day we took her door to door asking if anyone knew who she belonged too. we didnt seem to be having any luck, until 3 days later(yep same as honey it took 3 days lol) when the owners got through the the shelter and they put them through to us. Cassies real name is Frankie, she was adopted from a shelter in manatoba when she was about a year, she was 10 years old when we found her, they said she was a Cocker spanial/shih ztu/poode mix that belonged to the couples 17 year old daughter who had been hit by a car and killed onl a few months earlier. I still occasionally see Frankie out for walks

    now lets see those other pups that PTers have helped!
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    What a great thread! I will most definetley post some stuff when I get home, I'm at my friend's house right now...

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    Well, I don't have any pictures of this. But in 2004, I was at my friends house and their neighbors had found a beagle but they had to go. They were going to take the beagle to a kill shelter in a different county or something. UMM no, I would never allow that. So me, my friend, and her sisters, and my sister took the dog. We fed her, gave her water, and played with her to. Then we began to look for her owners. I took a leash from my house(we live right down the block.)and began walking the dog. She seemed intent on going up the block, so why not allow it? We let her off the leash, she was an awesome girl, very well behaved and never strayed away from us. Well, we found no one, so I hooked the leash back on and walked up the block agian. Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention that she had no tags, but a collar on and she was very overweight so I knew she HAD to have an owner. We walked past a house where people were sitting on the steps and they yelled "where did you get that dog?!". Well we explained everything, and now we get to visit her every so often. I approached them on the subject of getting a liscence. Turns out they had just moved into the house the day before and the old name tag said she was from New york. Luckily, she didn't have that tag or we would have taken a wasted drive up there. They did get her a new liscense and we are allowed to see her anytime we want. I have seen her twice after the "rescue". Also, they told us they hadn't even known she was gone.

    I don't know if you would count this as a lost and found story because it happened in a matter of 4-6 hours but I like to share it anyway.

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    Her thread:

    Coco was found by my friend. She brought her over my house thinking she was Kiara. Their parents would not allow her to keep them, so we kept her.

    I fell complety in love with this girl - she fit in so perfectly and I wanted to badly for her to be mine. I don't think there's another dog, other than my three, that I think about so often.

    I ended up finding her owners thru PetFinder. About a week or so after we reunited them, they called asking if we wanted her. Coco kept getting out and they thought she'd be happy with our family. I would have said yes in a heartbeat but my parents said no.

    I have tears in my eyes writing this... this girl just completely stole my heart.

    She came over once for a playdate with Kiara, but since then I have not heard from her owners.

    Vincezo -
    His thread:

    My brother and father found Vincenzo and his owner being pulled away in the ocean. The paramedics wanted to take the dog to the pound but we said we'd keep him until she as able to get out of the hospital. The lady was almost lifeless. The lady was brought to the hospital, signed herself out, and then was arrested later that night. We also had he cell phone, as my brother looked up and down the beach to find someone and found her bag. Her cellphone was dead so we had to track down a charger and had to find somehow to get in contact with this lady as the police were not telling us anything.
    We finally got in contact with her father who had NO clue what was going on. All he knew we he got a phone call saying she was arrested.

    We told my neighbor who works for channel 10 news and she said we HAD to do a story about this. We ending up on the 11 o'clock news, Dad, Vince, and myself. This was when we still had no clue how the lady was, where she was, or what we were supposed to do with her dog.

    Meantime, falling in love, with a perfect addition to me three. Didn't they look like a family?

    We have not heard much from the lady, but her parents were very grateful. The sent us a gift certificate in the mail and couldn't say thank you enough.

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
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    Just over a week ago we found a beautiful Large Black lab in our yard, and his owner was found the following day! he was such a sweet boy, and i was very sad to watch him leave! here is his thread!

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    Aww, I don't have any pictures, but a couple of years ago when I was out walking Star I came across a VERY old golden. (Acey)

    I took Star home, went out to get him, and called the number on his rabies tag while I tried to get him home. I got in touch with his owner who was delerious with joy to know he was okay. I guess the PG&E guy had left her gate open and he had wandered off.

    He collaspsed shortly before his mama showed up to get him, so we had to hoist him into the car, which was no small feat! I'm glad he got home, he was so old and crippled it would have been very easy for him to get hit by a car.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    I don't have any pics but about a month ago I was at my friends house (about to leave to hike Timp actually) and a cute little schnauzer wandered into her yard. She was very sweet (didn't even bark..a schnauzer that doesn't bark? lol), young, and in heat. She was gray and white and quite thin with an a not very good home grooming job. Her tag had a phone number and an address, we called the number but nobody answered. So we drove around and eventually found her house, it was in the same city but a considerable distance away and not far from a really busy road. They weren't home. So my friend climbed the fence and luckily they had a doggy door so she put her in that then put a heavy pot in front of it so she couldn't get back out. We asked a neighbor first and confirmed that was indeed their dog.

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    I don't have pictures, this was a couple years ago, but a gorgeous huge doberman boy was running around in the alley behind our house. I called him over and put him inside our fenced yard. Fortunately he had a tag on, so I called. Turned out his owner had been running all over town looking for him. They were overjoyed to get him back.
    I felt like the dog-return service in that neighborhood - there were at least 4 dogs that got away from their yards regularly - I used to keep an extra leash handy. They all knew me & would trot right over to me.

    I love seeing the pictures, my heart goes out to beautiful Sheba, I'm SO glad you got her back to her owners!
    Kay, I remember how attached to CoCo you were - maybe some day she'll show up on your doorstep again.
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    Our house was the dog return service too, but after 4 times for one dog, then I call AC because the owners don't care about the safety of their animals. I have returned so many dogs to owners, that I can't even give you a number. I did have one JRT that showed up here, with a collar and tags, but the tags were wrong, so I had to do alittle reserch to locate the owners, but when I did she was crying when she got here, he had been missing for 2 weeks, they lived over 10 miles away, so he travel a good distance!

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    Over the years there have been many. The latest was just last Thursday.

    It was raining buckets as I got in my pickup to go to work, with a cat in a carrier heading to the vets. I turned around to close the door and came face to face (literally!) with a huge gray Great Dane!

    What to do? Can't fit him in the truck, can't let him in the house with my 3 dogs.

    Fortunately he had a collar with a tag. I called the phone number and left a message. Called again 10 minutes later, only to find I had called the wrong number . The address is only 3 houses away. So I tried calling again with a slightly different number. Got a machine. Finally put the dog in my yard, went to work and called again from work. Finally got my neighbor on the line and told him to get his dog.

    The dog's name is Huckleberry. He is a real sweetheart. I can't believe I didn't know he lives there!

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    We've rescued a few dogs and reunited with their owners.
    One dog that we kept overnight was Jack. He was running around our neighborhood for about a month and he started getting thin so my mom decidied to take him in.He had no collor,no tags what so ever. He was such a sweet dog, i really wish we could have kept him. We took him to a wonderful rescue and he was adopted out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammy101

    What a GORGEOUS dog!! if nust´ve been hard letting go
    Corinna´s Christmas Card Swap ´06
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    she will be deeply missed.......Thank you for letting us be a part of your life, you will surely remain in ours FOREVER........R.I.P. Dear Corinna

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    Quite a few years ago my mom, brother and I found a chow chow. Luckily we found it when we did because it was wandering right through traffic on a busy road and almost got hit by several cars. There were police men across the road(that weren't doing anything) but, of course, they could care less about a dog that's about to get killed. So we eventually got the dog to come to us and then we tied it to a tree and stood with it and not to long after a young boy and his mother came and retrieved it. It feels great helping someone out.

    *sorry don't have pictures*

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    I'm always bringing home strays. A year ago or so I brought home a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy. I was out walking him around to see if his owners would spot him the next day, and they spotted him. Turns out he only lived 2 bays away.

    I found a Border Collie once. He was super cool. He was 10 years old, still in flyball, and having one of the fastest times on the team. It was funny; if you threw him a ball, he'd throw it back at you. I've always wondered how I could teach one of my two to do that.

    The last dog I found (Corgi x Shepherd) was hit by a car. The humane society told us if we couldn't keep her, to let her back out onto the street. We stuck with her, and found her owner the next day. A kind old lady who tried paying me $150 for finding her dog, Ebony.

    Here's two pictures of Ebony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Husky_mom
    What a GORGEOUS dog!! if nust´ve been hard letting go
    It was very hard. He had a awesome temperment, and he was just gorgeous.And he got along with Kodie & Lucy so well, he would have fit in perfectly with us. My parents wanted to keep him but 3 dogs is too much for us. It was hard for me to hold back tears when we dropped him off.

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