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  • Yes, he/she loves to hunt and chase things

    23 76.67%
  • He/she doesn't hunt things down, but he/she does chase things if they see it

    11 36.67%
  • He/she can't care less about chasing thing

    5 16.67%
  • other

    1 3.33%
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Thread: Do your dogs chase things (bugs and things)

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    Do your dogs chase things (bugs and things)

    Do your dogs chase things, like bugs, lizards, snakes, or things like that? I'm not talking about toys and balls or even other dogs or cats. I'm talking about wild life creatures.

    Nova and Charlie both love to hunt for lizards and bugs and chase them when they find them. I have to watch them both so closely to make sure they don't catch anything.

    Bitsy and Jake don't hunt for things, but if they happen to see something they do chase it.

    Buster and Nacey couldn't care less about chasing creatures.
    - Kari
    skin kids- Nathan, Topher, & Lilla

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    Lou Lou loves bugs, she can spend hours in our front yard chasing bugs, she even pounces on them! And of course she is fasinated with birds, squirrals and rabbits too! She like to track them.

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    Loves Flys

    My dog R.B. loves to chase Flys.. Why Flys I don't know, He can never catch them.. But, he will run around like
    <br>crazy chasing those little guys.. :) It's soooooo Funny to watch..
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    Yes, Maggie and Autumn LOVE to hunt things down. Since we live on a huge farm, they have free reign of pretty much everywhere. There favorite is when I go horseback riding, and they get to come with. They hunt mice, a LOT. You can always find a dead mouse in the yard. ....they are better than barn cats. ...especially Autumn.

    They also love to catch insects. They both hate bees, so they are always after them, it is a miracle neither of them has gotten stung.
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    I voted once on the first two because they both have VERY high prey drives when it comes to critters in our yard and they are always checking the yard for varmints to chase!
    But when it comes to bugs, they only chase them when they bother them.
    Buddy's such a goof that as soon as he hears the buzzing of a bug he'll start to snap in the air like he's going to get them!! (I don't have the heart to tell him that the fly he's snapping at is across the room )
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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    Nitis chases bugs that nobody else can see

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    Our boys are fond of chasing squirrels and frogs.

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    The M&M's love to chase the typical animals like squirrels, rabbits, etc.. but Molly really loves herding ants.

    "Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you?
    But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window." -- Steve Bluestone

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC_MoM
    The M&M's love to chase the typical animals like squirrels, rabbits, etc.. but Molly really loves herding ants.
    I'd like to see that, I'll bet that's cute!
    Mine have a high pry drive, so we're always finding bodies out in the kennel. I'm amazed, as it's 6' high, all the way to the ground, with no holes. How do they get in?

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    Yep we live in the house of "High Prey Drive".. everyone is nutty when it comes to hunting. Rabbit's, Hare and Mice are the favourites around here. And fly's for Theodore lol.

    Tinny has alot of weird habits lol, one of those is chasing birds.. she will chase birds at the park for hours if we let her, she never gives up but has not caught anything. I will be taking her to the next lure coursing day to see if she will like it .

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    they used too lol Happy and Misty used to chase geese till the geese chased them back, they never tried to chase them again lol they dont chase other birds and never have. uuummmm rabbits they all used to chase, but they have gotten so used to me letting my rabbit run aroundin the back yard that know when they are in a feild wild rabbit have walked right up to them and they just look at the rabbits like "ya, and? we have one of you at home" lol things lie squirrles Happy will freeze and point, but other then that they have no interest. well Happy went after a beaver once but that was just because she thought I had thrown a stick in the water for her lol
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    My dog likes to chase bugs, mostly moths he jumps up and tries to catch them but so far he has always missed. He'll also run after the cat out in the back yard, but he never gets to close to him and if the cat charges him the dog high tails it out of there and hides behind something.

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