Pampered Pets Need a Home Following a Fire

Auburn, Alabama
Pampered Pets Need a Home Following a Fire

Auburn's Pampered Pets owner, Kelly Jackson is thankful that her loss isn't greater.

Fire broke out Sunday night at the utility room of her grooming and pet store...32 dogs and cats were trapped inside.

Jackson recalls firefighters and officers, running into the burning building and retrieving animals from their kennels.

Once outside, medics began performing CPR and giving the dogs oxygen. 25 dogs were saved. 5 dogs and 2 cats didn't make it.

Jackson is heartbroken, but thankful for all the dogs they could save.

In the meantime, many of the pets will need homes, as Jackson works to rebuild her business.

If you would like to adopt, please call Pampered Pets Boutique at (334) 741-9348.