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Thread: UPDATE!! PUPPIES!! -- The puppies have dropped

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    UPDATE!! PUPPIES!! -- The puppies have dropped

    The puppies have dropped lower in Visa's abdomen. She went from being big, to being really small. So it looks like it may be a small litter. Marla has never had a Belgian this small at this point in the pregnancy and she's had litters as small as four, so we're a little bit worried as we need atleast four puppies so one can cover the stud fee. She may just be having small puppies, but it would be odd since she's eating raw and typically raw puppies are alot bigger and develop more quickly (at the very young puppy age). Could also be that she's having them a week later than we'd thought, but since the puppies have dropped, her time is definatly coming up.

    As we speak, two foster kittens have just finished tying to nurse from her and are now curled up asleep on her hehe.

    Anyways, she has 3-7 days left! She's paying alot of attention to her "downstairs" so I'm going to give her to Marla tomorrow.
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