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I have some bad news. He has mites. I got him on tuesday and noticed that he had some short patches of fur and fur was coming out. I decided to watch him over night and see if it was from his cage mate that he had or if it could be mites. On wed, I took him back to petsmart to show them what was wrong and they said that they could treat him but I would have to surrender him to them. I decided to do that and made it VERY clear that when he was done he was coming home with me. Well, I called today to see how he was doing and to see what the vet said and the lady said that the vet tried to take a skin culture but he acted like he was in pain in the area. The vet believes that it is mites and he will now have to go through treatments and I wont be able to get him back for a few weeks. I am so lost in what to do. I dont want to leave him there that long and I dont know if I am doing the right thing. I would have treated him at my house and brought him to my vet but I didnt want to risk the chance of Oz getting anything or my other animals. I am still in a loss of what to name him. I want a perfect name that will suit him. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I will hopfully have pictures of the poor little man up soon.
That sounds very fishy to me. I used to have a rabbit, and he also had mites when he was about a year old. The vet simply prescribed a special shampoo which we had to bathe him in every other day, and told us to buy new lots of bedding because that was the most likely source of the infestation. The mites were gone in about 10 days. I can't for the life of me remember what this shampoo was called, but if I can I will let you know.

I know there is the problem of Oz getting mites too, but if there is anyway to seperate them, even using a makeshift cage, it would be much less stressful for you and your bunnies.