Today while I was at work I recieved a phone call from a friend of mine. Her co-worker found a kitten in the alley by her house. She said the kitten was about four weeks or that is what she thought. She had been bottle feeding it for a week but her kids are going back to school and there will be nobody to care for it for like 9 hours a here is where I come in. I called the lady, Donna, and asked her if the baby's eyes were open. She said that they opened about 5 days ago and the kit just scoots, not really crawling. I told her the baby was about two weeks old and that I have two nursing mommas that may except the newbie. So Donna brings it to our home/rescue and my fiance takes over till I get home. He introduced the kit to Dottie. She is the one who is nursing four. She was nursing five, but one passed away Sunday morning. Instantly, Dottie starts to clean the baby's bottom and take control...but the baby will not nurse on her. So I am bottle feeding the baby and letting Dottie do the cleaning and potty stimulations. I am hoping the baby takes to Dottie. I noticed the baby's rear legs are a bit swollen and have no hair and when I was stimulating potty, the kit bled from the rear. I am thinking that the swelling and hair loss is from the kitten scooting on the ground outside in the heat...who knows how long it was outside alone. I don't know why it is bleeding, maybe worms. I am taking it to an emergency vet in the vet has no openings. I don't have the money, I was saving for the Lil' Dirty Dozen's vet needs, but this is much more important right now. I will keep you posted. I just hope the little kit makes it. More little thing.