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Thread: The Vet Wanted To Remove All My Cat's Teeth

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    The Vet Wanted To Remove All My Cat's Teeth

    I took my cat in for her teeth cleaning, and the vet cleaned the teeth and then he suggested that all her teeth be removed, because of decay...this is a new vet.......and is now an ex-vet.! can you imagine traumatizing a cat to that extent to remove ALL their teeth. I read that the probablility of that is low, since cat's don't eat sweets or carbos.


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    Cats can get decayed teeth...some breeds are prone to tooth problems, such as Oriental Shorthairs.

    My mom has my late sister's two lilac points, and they have just several teeth left each!

    Please get a second opinion on your cat - maybe a friendly vet can show you where the decay is - if there is any - so you don't have to just take someone's word for it.
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    Sometimes cats get stomatitis, where the immune system attacks the teeth. We had a cat in our rescue get that; he had all his teeth out and is happily gumming his food to death. Cats can adapt to a lot.

    But hopefully only the bad teeth need to be extracted.
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    The Persian that we rescued in August, 2000, Raven(COTD 12/9/04) had all her teeth removed because they were so badly decayed. If the teeth are not cared for, heart or kidney problems can result. In Raven's case, she has been a kidney cat since November, 2000. If Raven had remained with her previous owner, she would be dead. That is how poorly she was "cared" for. Now she has a huge appetite, gets sq fluids twice a week. Raven is 10 and is doing very well!!!
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    I would get a second opinion before I let him touch my cat but if they are indeed bad, they will need to come out or the kitty will have a lot of problems.

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    Gummy Pookie

    Pookie, my tuxedo, had 11 teeth pulled and I cried and cried in the vet's reception area, thinking he would be maimed for life, until I saw Pookie and he seemed just fine. Went home and started eating dry and wet food right away, in huge quantities. Hasn't stopped eating. He gags occasionally, but he handles it. And is still a trim 6 lbs. 8 ozs. despite several vet check-ups and all my efforts to fatten him up a little.

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