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Thread: CAT TALK (cats only )

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    Dec 2003
    Land of the Ducks...quack!
    Remus: Hey! I tell you what, I'm glad meowme let us three mess with the confuser...I like chatting with all of my kitty pals...

    Pandora: Hey, quit hogging!

    Spook: Quit bouncing around, and you'll get a turn

    P: Id rather play with random junk on the floor...

    R: Anyway...I like it here, with sunspots and a nice warm bed to sleep in

    S: yeah kicking the hoomans off of it is fun

    R: and streeeeeching out so we take up all of the room!

    P: dont forget knocking stuff off the window sill

    S: and terrorising the dogs...

    R: Yeah, we all have it pretty darn good here! We looove our hoomans...

    P: and show it every day by being loving and needy

    S: Especially the NEEDY part!

    P: Who sez being needy is bad? I think bouncing around like spazes at all hours of the night expresses how much we care

    R: and is also bad for our sleep schedule! Anyway, any kitty out there want to chat with any of us, just ask our meowme, she'll get the message through

    S: if not, we'll just take over the computer again

    P: I'm sure meowme won't mind...

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    *sigh* I'm so glad I'm off the street, but I don't LIVE with my Meowmie! All you guys are so lucky! I only get to see her maybe twice a week, if I'm lucky.

    ...stupid Meowmie for not visiting more... I'll just give her the cold shoulder, THEN she'll come over more often!!!
    But I'll still listen in on her conversations... they really are quite interesting...

    --ohhh... what's that? YELLOW FEATHER!!!
    Nooo... I mustn't plaaay... I'm giving Meowmie the cold shoulder! That means no playing feather with her...
    --butbutbut... feaather.... -*POUNCE*-

    If only I lived with my meowmie... then we could do this ALL THE TIME!!!
    I wish she lived somewhere that allowed pets...

    But I suppose this kitty dorm house place isn't all that bad... for now.

    ^Boyfriend^.....^Me!^...............^Clover^...... ........^Echo^

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    trenton, new jersey

    Cat Talk

    Hello there, my lovely Inka! How are you today? I sure hope you're getting our tent ready because I just can't wait to camp out with you. Do you like camping on the beach? If you'd like, we could go to Island Beach State Park at the New Jersey shore. We could have fresh fish every day, a campfire every night, we could even go to a nearby boardwalk where there are lots of games, rides, and all different kinds of food. If you'd like, I can arrange for your flight to New Jersey and get the luxurious Catmobile from the local Jaguar dealer. Have you ever had fried chicken? Meowmie gave me a taste of hers and it is sooo good!!! Meowmie has some in the fridge so I'll pack it before she comes home. This is so exciting!

    What a wonderful idea of having a special place where we can come to talk about important kitty things and not worry about those silly hoomins checking up on us.

    I have to go for now, my beautiful Inka. Please let me know if you want to go camping at the shore and I'll get started on the arrangements.

    Purrs, headbumpies, kitty hugs, and kitty kisses,
    Your Groucho

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    SE USA
    They made me leave Rie's house and come home today.. I am not happy about that, I love it at Ries house! Why do I have to come back to stay here with that old lady? Chester

    Our Meowmie came home yesterday. She was so happy to see us and she kissed and kissed us...EUCK! spit, spit! But we really were glad to see her, so glad that we slept cuddeled up next to her last night.... (she better not get use to that either!!) Amy

    Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Meowmie is HOME and she went today and bought me some new TOYS!!! YIPIEEEE!!! I LOVE my toys!! Now I can follow her to the potty and we can have out "talks" while she sits there... (I miss that when she is not here) Giz

    MY LAP CAME HOME! Samantha

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Princess & Duchess: Meeeeeeee-YOOWWW!!!!

    Hitotsu no gengo wa keshite jūbun de wa nai. - One language is never enough.

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    Princess: Duchess & I are the only cats here!

    Duchess: I'm sooooo bored!

    Princess: Me, too! I'm sure we're not the ONLY cats in the world, are we?!

    Duchess: We CAN'T be.

    Princess: Are we the ONLY cats on PT?????

    Duchess: I don't think so.

    Princess: Are we the ONLY cats on CT????

    Duchess: I don't know.

    Princess: Are we the ONLY cats in our house????

    Duchess: OF COURSE! Except stuffed animal cats. We are the ONLY real cats in our house.

    Princess: Good. This way we don't have to share OUR treats!

    Duchess: Or OUR food!

    Princess: I think we have said enough in this post...

    Duchess: Yeah...

    Hitotsu no gengo wa keshite jūbun de wa nai. - One language is never enough.

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    Princess: Ya know what, Duchess?

    Duchess: What?

    Princess: I think this thread is DYING. If we stop using it, it'll be dead!

    Duchess: then we'd better keep using this WONDERFUL

    Princess: Yep, we'd BETTER!!

    Duchess: It would be more WONDERFUL if some more cats joined us...

    Princess: *hint*

    Duchess: Hint???

    Princess: Yeah, ya know, *HINT*!

    Duchess: Oh.

    Hitotsu no gengo wa keshite jūbun de wa nai. - One language is never enough.

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    Nov 2004
    Belgium, near Ghent
    No no, it is not dying, but our meowmie has been awfully busy with us lately ! She is such a sweetie , our meowmie

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    May 2005
    Bexhill, UK
    Guess what? My soppy meowmie loves me so much I'm getting my OWN room! away from those pesky dogs!!
    Give 1 for a poundie

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    Princess & Duchess: PURRRRRRRPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Duchess: This thin piece of string used for sewing is NOT dying!!!!!

    Princess: Huh?!

    Duchess: That means thread!

    Princess: Ooooooh.

    No no, it is not dying, but our meowmie has been awfully busy with us lately ! She is such a sweetie , our meowmie
    Princess & Duchess: We don't know your names. What are your names??

    Hitotsu no gengo wa keshite jūbun de wa nai. - One language is never enough.

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    Bexhill, UK
    Hi Princess and Duchess - I'm Brody (or as they know me here The Grey Fluffy Thing)
    Give 1 for a poundie

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    Princess & Duchess: Hello, Brody!!!!!

    Duchess: Well, I am STILL a little bored...

    Princess: Bored????

    Duchess: Yep. What is there to talk about?

    Princess: I don't know. How about you, Brody?

    Hitotsu no gengo wa keshite jūbun de wa nai. - One language is never enough.

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    I know the way to San Jose!
    hey girls i wanted to post before but mom is working full time and donjuan (that dork) never figured out how to turn on the interbox all he does is slep on it so i have to type the commands which is really hard even tho my paws are nice and little dont know why mom has to go to this place work shes out all day and we cant play in the yard with the birdies darn it

    but when she gets home all i have to do is give her noserub and a prrrrrk! and she gives me lots of lovies don juan likes to take over her lap but i have it easy all i have to do is talk kitten talk to her and she plays with me and gives me whatever i want

    yr frend zerlina gattobello
    [b]"Virtue is triumphant only in theatrical productions." --The Mikado

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    Princess & Duchess: Anyone home????

    Duchess: I wonder if our meowmie will teach us how to post pics???

    Princess: I'll have to ask....

    Duchess: ?

    Princess: Eddy, eddy, eddy, eddy!

    Duchess: ???

    Princess: Eddy means purr, and she taught me how, so I'll post some... EDDY!!

    Me, I'm so cute

    Duchess, She's cute too

    Duchess, she's also beautiful

    Me, I'm beautiful, too

    Me & Duchess, Aren't we both soooooo pretty???

    Hitotsu no gengo wa keshite jūbun de wa nai. - One language is never enough.

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    Nov 2004
    Belgium, near Ghent
    INKA here!!Sorry Groucho for not responding earlier to your lovely idea for camping!!! My humans have been so busy and couldn't bring me to the airport....! But today, I took a cab, that will teach them a lesson! I cannot make my prince wait so long, can I???? So dear Groucho, be sure to meet me at the airport at 8 am tomorrow morning! I will wear a red rose in my left paw!!And.... I will bring a big box full of fresh shrimp from our North Sea!!

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