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Thread: bobbie the beauty

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    bobbie the beauty

    you have such kool looking colours, your feathers sit beautifully and they look like finely spun silk!!...wear them proud bobbie and congrats on making Pet of the Day..Jujuboy

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    Bobbi,you are one beautiful birdie, simply exquisite! Oh, what gorgeous coloring, right down to your little, pink beak! And musn't forget that sweet smile, how proudly you pose! I do hope your Mom has that fabulous photo framed and on display for all to see; it's breathtaking! Gosh, if you were mine, I'd never stop smiling, Bobbi! How lucky are your humans, having such a beautiful, joyful feathered friend to brighten their lives! Congratulations to you beautiful Bobbi, our most exquisite, most deserving Pet of the Day! Hope you and your proud people and the entire feathered gang too, are enjoying a very special and fun filled day celeb! Gentle cuddles and kisses to you, precious one! I wish for you and your family many, many more happy years together!

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    Bobbie, how cute you are! I loved reading how you and your friend, Jamie get along, cuddling, then fighting, then cuddling some more! You sound like a very sweet girl.
    Congratulations on being Pet of the Day!

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