We were in an accident Friday no one was hurt (or so we thought). Me and Dustin had a few bruises from the seat belt, Isis was in her carrier so she was fine just a little shook up, Bull was of course trying to love on everyone. Bull was having some trouble walking over the weekend but I just thought it was stiffness and soreness from the wreck. Well this morning he couldn't lift his rear end and after going to the vet to be x-rayed, we found out that his spine was swollen and he had some fractured vertibrate. He started the surgery tonight to relieve the pressure and he called about 6 o'clock to tell us that his spine did not look good. He said it looked like mush and could move higher in his spine and stop his lungs. I had to come to the desicion that every pet owner dreads. I told him I would be right there for my final goodbyes, "just keep him going til we get there". (It's a 15-20 minute drive) When we (Me, Dustin, my brother -in- law, and his wife) got there we were taken to the back and the doc said that "he dug around somemore while waiting on us and the mush that he had originally thought was mush was dead fat and the cord underneth was "not the greatest" but he could work with it. The vet gives him a 25% chance of wlking again but he's not sure how much pain he would be in (that was my main concern). He is going to finish the surgery and stabalize his back then wake him up to judge his pain and we will go from there.

I need some of Pettalk's famous magic and prayers.

P.S. Please overlook any spelling errors, I'm just not thinking straight.