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Thread: omg please help idk where im posting this but i need help

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    omg please help idk where im posting this but i need help

    im fish sitting for a neighbor in the hospital whose betta hasn't been doing well.he told me to check up on it but his betta is very ill so i brought it down to my apt. to keep a better eye on it. im not sure what the problem is or what to do im very worried. the fishes face has lost color on one side and is also deterierating. on that side its eye is buldged and also a cloudy grey color. he lays at the bottom of the tank good side facing up, always, and it seems that on the bad side he dosnt move his fin or his gill which i dont understand. he has fin rot but i think thats the least of my problems i havn't been able to get help on the internet please help! write back [email protected]

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    I'm so sorry that I am unable to help you with this, but you should put this in Pet General as there are people there who have Bettas.

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    I don't know what sickness your betta has but some people on here can tell you what he might be sick with
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    Sorry, I'm not positive what it is.. hopefully someone else will know. I have a plakat male with the same thing.. except for laying on his side. One eye is slightly bigger than the other and the face is red and almost flakey. Last week it was his right eye, then it got better, and now it's his left.

    It seems to be clearing up though. All I did was make sure his water was always sparkling clean, added aquarium salt and a couple drops of aquarisol.

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    Are you sure he's not... dead?

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    If his eyes are bulging, it could be popeye, although this is usually accompanied by a swelling of the body. If he's swimming on his side, then probably something is affecting the swim bladder, which helps them to swim upright and keeps them bouyant in the water. If the swim bladder has stopped functioning for some reason, unfortunately there's little you can do. Fish are not easy to treat. I'm sorry you have to experience this.

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    The best treatment is to do a 100% water change with dechlorinated water. Popeye and other betta problems are often caused by bad water quality. Do not clean the tank or decor though, just make sure the replacement water is about the same temperature.
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