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Thread: Finally, I did a portrait of Cam! *Finally Finished!*

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    Finally, I did a portrait of Cam! *Finally Finished!*

    Everyone kept asking me what picture I'd use to do a portrait of Cam.

    I used this photo:

    And here's the work in progress. I can't decide if I like the grainy, soft look or if I want to make things more opague and blend away all the paper grain so you don't see it.... once I cover the grain, thats it and I can't go back to the soft grainy look.

    Here's the updated version of the portrait.

    I was so excited about it yesterday that I posted the work in progress. I should have waited because I like this much better. I'm sure if you gave me til tonight to work on this, it would be even better than this version

    PS: I'm sitting here laughing because it has every color in his face EXCEPT "peach" and "flesh" - in fact he has a TON of blue, purple, and red

    Edit again:
    The finished drawing is on page 2.
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    You did an amazing job, you're so talented. It doesn't hurt that he's so incredibly cute though.
    - Kari
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    Kim, That is breathtaking. You have captured his beauty so wonderfully. I love it.
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    That is amazing!! You are a wonderful artist. I like the grainy look, I think.
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    Kim, That is just amazing! I love the colors and how it came out its just so cute adorable and beautiful! No word can describe how much i like that! Good job!

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    I love that you chose that picture (it is the one I saved from the last thread that you posted. It was my favorite!)

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    You never cease to amaze me! I love all you drawings. You are such an inspiration. I only wish I could learn to do traditional media like's so hard!

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    Very nice drawing! You picked a very nice picture too, he looks so cute and adorable when he sleeps.

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    You are undoubtedly awesome! Be my mentor?

    I know I've asked before, but I can't find the thread, so I'll ask again. Do you take commission?

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    Angelique, I do commissions, but I typically don't say much about it here because I don't like to sound like I'm doing a sales pitch to everyone here. I post my artwork like everyone else, because tis fun to show my stuff and I love seeing everyone else's work too.

    Audrey, stop that! There's no way in the world I could do what you do, so we're even!

    I posted an update of my progress in my initial post

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    All I can say is that it is simply beautiful. You captured his cuteness so well
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    Wow, that is simply breathtaking. You are a very talented artist.
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    Wow you are so Talented. Beautiful picture.

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    I love very much that it is not all blended out- that you see the grain of the paper.

    It is adorable

    And yes: catnapper does commissions - Filou's portrait here is admired by many people who are in awe how well you can capture the purrsonality of a little cat boy of whom you only saw a picture

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    Ahh, okay!

    Yes, being able to share it with folks is fun! I wish I could but I have to go get a scanner and TALENT!

    Maybe I could pm some time as I was wanting to maybe do something for my husbands birthday in December.

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