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Thread: How Rottweilers Got Their Markings

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    How Rottweilers Got Their Markings

    How Rottweilers Got Their Markings

    A long time ago, when men were alone and afraid on this new earth, the Great Being looked over all the dogs that had been created. He wanted that one special one, the one who would forever be the perfect companion for mankind.

    There were fast dogs, long and sleek, there were massive dogs, slow but sure, dogs with keen noses, dogs with keen hearing and dogs who could hunt down lions. Dogs who could retrieve and dogs who could herd sheep. All of these were good dogs, but not what the creator had in mind.

    Finally there was one dog. He looked rather plain. Medium to large sized, and all black, with a head like a bear and no tail. The dog was to be tested, to see if he was the one to be at mans side forever. And so the plain, black "bear like" dog was sent to mans fire. At first the men feared him. But the dog looked down....

    " I am sent to be at your side, to be part of all the man does". "You are black and strong like a bear! What if you eat our children?" they spoke. "I would not do that, "said the dog,"for I love man."

    For three days and two nights the dog went with man while he hunted, and helped track down game, he protected their flocks, and chased away the wild animals who sought to harm them. He pulled their loads and supplies, and guarded their valuables. On the third night, a small girl came to him. She was frightened by dreams she had. So the plain black dog laid with her, and his head rested gently upon her. As she dreamed of scary creatures, the dog entered her dreams and fought them off. If she dreamed she was lost in the darkest quicksand, the dog would run to pull her out. All night long the dog nevered from the little girls side. All night long he battled the demons in her sleep. When she awoke she hugged tightly her new friend, and kissed him once on each cheek, and above each eye. Her hands stroked his feet where he had waded in the quicksand, her arms hugged tightly his chest, and stroked his powerful muzzle and throat. Giggling and playing with her new friend and protector she even patted his behind. The child and dog became inseparable, and the dog felt only undying love for the child.

    The Geat Being whispered in the dogs ear, then. "You have passed your test, for many dogs can hunt and guard and herd, but you were not only willing to give your life, you went into the world of man and entered his darkest dreams and fears. You did not run, but stayed by his side. You have earned the love of even the youngest child, as it should be". When the Great Beings voice faded like a gentle breeze, the plain black tailless dog shivered with happiness, and all the places the little girl had touched and hugged him became a wonderful mahogany color. And the Rottweiler was sent to be at the side of man, where is his place. But always in his noble heart is a special place of love, for the little ones, The children.
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    I am crying! I raised them for so many years and never once saw this story! Thank you it is SO TRUE! Maybe that is why our dobes look like our Rotts? Again thank you I am humbled once again by the sacrifices that our companions make for us.

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    that is so true! I have a rottie mix and love her dearly. she's my heart dog. thanks so much for sharing that!
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    That is a very cute story! I loved it! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    That is just such a great story!!! Thank ou for sharing It just makes me miss my rottis even more!!!


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    what a great story.
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    Thanks for sharing, thats such a cute story.
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    What a nice story. My Lacey is marked like a rottie, now I know why!
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    That is adorable! Thanks for sharing! Rottweilers are amazing dogs, no doubt about that!

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    That's such a sweet story!

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    so cute and true Rotties are such sweethearts despite they tough look (they can be when needed though)

    as i dont have a rottie..........this story applies to my huskies LOL but instead of tan they got a bit more bleached markings LOL so they are white LOL.......well some are afraid cause they think of them as wolves and get scared of them but they are like sugar, you dont think a Husky can be a watchdog adn many state this but i tell you mine are pretty good at the job, thats why i applied the story to them also......
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    I loved this story! Made me miss my rottie kids all the more. They truly are such wonderful dogs, and it's a shame that they (like so many other breeds) get such a bad rap. (Of course, I'm sure that my Chloe and Chica would protest that they're better any any ol' rottweiler any day! )
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