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Thread: My dog is afraid of other dogs

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    My dog is afraid of other dogs

    My 6 year old shihtzu is scared of other dogs. It doesn't matter the size or breed. She ran and hid behind when my aunts 14 week old maltese came toward her. At the dog park she heads straight for the gate and troes to get out. I am not sure what to do about this. She is my only dog I do have a cat she gets along with. She also gets protective of me when the other dogs jump on me . I was hoping that she find a dog she liked and I would love to attend the Labor day weekend bash but not if Mia can't deal with other dogs.
    If any one has any suggestions one what I can do to help her that would be great.

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    Talking Move Away

    Ok first dogs do get afaird! Just hold him Back from other dogs! Lets say your walking on the street and a anoter dogs is next to you just if your dogs gets scared walk away and pet him nice and smooth ok! This MIGHT WORK! GOOOD LUCK!! and lots of it P.s ....Shihtzus and tough but they are little peanuts

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    Has she always been this way? Did you take her out to meet other dogs when she was small (socialize her)? Whatever you do, do not put pressure on her leash to keep her in one place when other dogs approach. Let them meet on their own terms. Sometimes if you tense up on the leash, the dog will think that it needs to defend you, and then you can have some aggression issues.

    I think that if you can take her out lots of times to places that have other dogs around, she will gradually come around. Just let her take her own time to do it. I would take her to the Labor Day Party, and just be prepared for her to hide behind you most of the time. Puppies can intimidate older dogs, since they are sooooo confident that everyone loves them and wants to play. A 6-year old dog that's never been around puppies is going to be terrified of this behavior (what if it's going to attack me? , what do I do? ) Just be patient and try to make it as calm as possible (i.e. praise and treats when she tentatively sneaks out from behind you to sniff at the puppy or whatever other tiny progress she makes). If she has a crate, I would bring it along, so that if she starts getting really stressed out you can put her 'home' in the shade somewhere so that she can relax in relative privacy.

    Good luck, and keep us posted

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    Well seems to me you have a shihtzu that never was socializesd with other dogs. Its will be a new learning process and you will have to start slowly. I live close by and still have a collie pup that she may not mind meeting. I also know of a kennel close by that has professional behaviorists. Give me a private message and I will tell you more.
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    Benji is a little timid of other dogs as well because he wasn't socialized from the start. He'll sniff them when they turn around but when they turn to face him he doesn't like it. But with my friend's female dog he is always trying to approach her. Is your dog afraid of all dogs like females and males? I assume so because I think you said that already. If you do what the other's have said, take her out to busy places with many dogs around, she'll gradually get used to it

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    Here is a really great technique. You can start with people and then add a dog to the equation.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice. I take her with me when ever I can . I took her everywhere I could as a puppy. I Never noticed this fear when we are out walking she never seems scared of the dogs we meet. I had her in obedience class to with several other dogs. I know how important socialization is she loves to go places and loves all humans especially if they rub her belly.

    I will keep trying if she starts to stress i take her out of the park and go for a walk. I don't want the park to become a negative thing for her.

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