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Thread: A sweet story

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    A sweet story

    My cat Pickle used to be the meanest indoor cat I knew. When she wanted food she would come up to me and take a chunk out of my ankle, even when we had already fed her. When we pet her she would claw at us. No one in my family had a close relationship with our now obese feline.
    Then , when we moved we began letting Pickle outside. She stayed close to the house but obviosly enjoyed it. It has now changed her entire personality. This morning when she wanted food, she came purring and rubbing against me. She lets us pet her, and will even let us hang out wth her outside. She is a changed cat.

    Do you guys have any cute stories about pets changing unexpectatdly?
    *jelly mcbean + maddie*

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    Has she been spayed? That usually changes a cats personality a lot.

    The only changes I've observed in my cat happened very slowly and over time. And in his case he went from being a dumped unfriendly stray to a very spoiled house cat, but it took months and months for him to decide he could trust me and my bunnies. And, two years, later, he is still a little jumpy when I carry something large or am wearing a long flapping robe or coat....then he panics and disappears for a while. Poor guy!!!

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    Bunny Girl, my cats lived in a flat with me for about 7 years for one of them and 5 years for the other. Two years ago we moved to a house with a huge back garden so they where able to go out for the first time ever and they also love it. There personality has changed a little as they are free to come and go as they chose.

    Plus I save money on cat litter, they go outside now and do their business!

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