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Thread: Squab Morning dove.

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    Squab Morning dove.

    I just got this squab today from my friend she says the nest fell down and its way too high to put the baby back In so Im taking care of it.

    Here's some pics of the cutie I just fed him so his crop is chubby.

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    How adorable! And tiny.
    Is there a good chance the little guy will make it?

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    Cute! How many doves do you have now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilli
    How adorable! And tiny.
    Is there a good chance the little guy will make it?
    Well so far its peeping and eating well so hopefuly yes.

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    My, that little fellow is tiny!!!! and OH So CUTE!!!

    What does he eat?

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    Very cute. Its surprising that a mourning dove has its nest that high off the ground. You sure have lots of birds coming and going all the time. Must be fun.
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    Here's a pic of this squab eating makes a big mess lol.

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    Aw, he's so tiny . It's wonderful that you are helping him.
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