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Thread: Hello there....(a bit long)

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    Hello there....(a bit long)

    Hello everyone! I am very excited to have found this website-I used to belong to the boxerboard forums. We rescued a boxer last Thanksgiving-he was a beautiful fawn baby and we loved him so dearly but unexpectedly he got sick. We had him for about three months before we found out he was dying of a rare kidney failure. Unfortunately he got sick very fast and there was nothing we could do-no amount of money would have saved him. We let him go to sleep on St. Patricks day and it was the worse feeling ever. I had so much rage towards backyard breeders but mostly I blamed myself...I couldn't understand why we didn't know he was so sick and I still sometimes blame myself that I should have tried to spend the money regardless of what the vet said. Eventually my grief faded and we soon found another rescue and decided to adopt a "boxer-mix"...first let me say he is the sweetest pup ever (when he wants to be) BUT he is soooo german shepard it's pathetic. So here we are now with Bower, a 6 month 60 lb boxer-shepard mix. At first we felt guilty like we were trying to replace our Bronx but in our hearts we knew those weren't our intentions. One thing I had to remember was Bronx and how unselfish he was and so with that I decided to be unselfish myself and open my heart and home to another innocent pup. Thankfully our Bower is healthy-very healthy and VERY active. He is extremely vocal and constantly tries "talking" to us-usually when he's in trouble We are very excited we had the opportunity to rescue another pup and are happy we had the time we had with Bronx. Thank you all for reading all this mumbo-I just wanted to give a background before I begin posting. And as I close he's getting the tp so I think it's a sign to shut up

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    Hi and welcome to Pet Talk, so sad about your boxer, sniff It's such a sad dogs die, especially young dogs. You'll love it here ! Be sure to post some pics soon ! We love pics ! I look forword to writing with you.

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    Welcome to PT, I'd love to see pictures of Bower!! My name is Ashley and I am owned by my five dogs who can be seen in my siggy

    Ashley & Crossbone ("mini ACD")
    Living with my parent's: Jack (Lab/Beagle), Micki & Mini (JRTS)
    RIP Kyra: 07/11/04 - 11/3/12; Shadow: 4/2/96 - 3/17/08

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    Hi Welcome to Pet Talk. Bower sounds like a very lucky boy to have found such good home. Can't wait to hear more of his adventures and see some pictures (when you get a chance).

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! I am really sorry about your Boxer that passed away. I'd love to see pictures of Bower!

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