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Thread: golden retriever border collie - good mix???

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    golden retriever border collie - good mix???

    We are thinking of getting a puppy from a golden retriever mom and a border collie dad. We had a golden retriever that we just lost and were very happy with him. We were thinking it would be good to have a dog a bit smaller though. We heard the mom of this pup is a smaller golden so hopefully... Do you think this is a good mix??
    Thanks for your time.

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    I have a BC, they are wonderful dogs, but absolutely not for everyone! The thing about mixed breeds is that they can inherit the appearance & personality of either parent. You could end up with a large, Golden-type dog; orrr, a large, Golden-sized dog with very high Border Collie drive and very high energy. Border Collies often must be supervised with children, because they have a tendency to nip at their heels when playing. They require a job in their life and cannot be expected to just hang around the house or yard and entertain themselves. You need to prepare yourself to have a dog with full-on BC personality, because that could very well happen!

    I also do not advise you to buy a puppy from a "backyard breeder", as it sounds like this is the case with these pups. I'm sure they are adorable, but if these people are not responsible enough to keep track of their dogs and get them spayed/neutered - or if they are breeding mixes on purpose - you should not support them doing so. You would be MUCH safer adopting an older puppy (6-12 months) from the shelter, because you will be able to know what the dog's personality is like & what size they will be if that concerns you.

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    well said, bckrazy.
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    Goldern Border

    I have a Border Collie golden mix she is beutiful and a wonderful dog!

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    I have border collies. None of our dogs have ever been heal nippers, not even when we were kids and they all came from working lines but there are borders that do this although you see it less in crosses.

    As for how the pup will turn out, thats total chance really. Borders aren't naturally as large as goldens so the offspring have a good chance of turning out a bit smaller than a pure golden. As for personality and drive, that could vary greatly among the siblings although, even in the most driven like the border, it will be diluted somewhat compared to a purebred border.
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    I have a BC/Lab mix. I know Lab's aren't exactly the same as goldens, but from the ones I've met they've got a lot in common. Anyway, my dog is medium sized, more the size of a Border Collie though. I find she has the personality of a BC, although some of her features are more Lab. She has physical features of both. This isn't saying that the puppy you want will turn out like this though. Just an example.

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    I would think a GR x BC would be a nice mix.

    I have two Border Collies and I have no problem with them nipping. If they start being herdy, a sharp "AH!!!" and they quit.

    Border Collie's are extremely intelligent dogs. You're combining two dog's with great looks, good temperaments, and very smart.

    I would think the pup would grow to be medium sized.

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    Are these puppies from a dog shelter? Are they from a breeder who planned the breeding? Are they the result of an accidental mating?

    If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't be buying a puppy from these people if it was a deliberate breeding. Only backyard breeders (people who breed solely for profit, because they want to make sure "Chopper" or "Lady" gets laid before they get fixed, or because they want their kids to see dog birth for whatever reason) would breed a mix unless they were intent on developing a pure breed with their mixes through linebreeding. These people are the main cause of the horrible pet overpopulation problem that exists in America. The dogs were not screened for hip dysplasia, PRA, heart problems, or any other prevalent genetic diseases in those two breeds. The puppies may inherit devastating congenital diseases, bad temperaments, or may have infections resulting from unsanitary kennels or sick parents. The pups may not be socialized and will approach all new situations with fear, which can develop into aggression.

    Generally, if you adopt a puppy from a shelter, you are still at risk for genetic problems, and to a lesser extent temperament issues, but it eliminates the risk of getting a horribly ill puppy, as any decent shelter will vaccinate all their dogs, and either rehabilitate or euthanize sick ones. Plus, you are not supporting irresponsible breeding practices, but providing a home for a homeless puppy. Puppies at shelters are generally well socialized, because they are around other dogs, cats, and are handled by shelter staff and shelter visitors.

    In terms of making a good mix, look both breeds up at, and if there are any behaviors or characteristics of either breed that you can't live with, don't chance it.


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    Golden retriever X border collie

    I got a GR X BC mix about 6 weeks ago. He is the most placid, cute, and intelligent dog I have ever owned. He is very loyal but at the same time independent. He was a breeze to housebreak, learnt his name within two days and can come, sit, lay down and shake hands.
    For a puppy he is quiet well behaved (despite a few holes out the back, but I've had worse before). I think this comes down to his relaxed temperament and the fact that we also have a whippet, who is the most lazy dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!
    All in all, my little Jet (that's his name) is a beautiful dog. But I guess I got really lucky with him. Not all mixes are predictable. Just make sure you meets the pups parents, spend some time with the pup before you get it and make sure the breeders have had the dog vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped.

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