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Thread: Barkley is in Rescue

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    Barkley is in Rescue

    I contacted English Springer Spaniel rescue ( ) and at first they weren't going to take him because they normally only take purebreds but then they emailed me back saying they would help because he looks close enough to a purebred.
    So i made the 10 hour drive yesterday to Champion,OH to drop him off at his foster home. He'll be fostered by Judy Manley, the co-founder of ESRA. She owns a boarding kennel and also shows ESS's. She has a beautiful place and i know that Barkley will be treated with love and kindness and they will find him a good home.
    She said he'll be in a kennel at first because it's very hectic with a holiday and she's very busy with her boarding kennel and grooming but once things die down he'll get to be in the house and if he does good with the other dogs(wich he should) she'll try and find him another foster home with less dogs so he can have more one on one time. She told me to call her in two weeks and she'll update me on his progress and he'll be on the site around then too.

    It's a bittersweet goodbye, i love him and i miss him but i know it's for the best.

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    Pup...Sorry to hear this, I'm sure it's hard on you...Are you still goin going to move in with Dovie??


    Thanks vinjashira for the siggy

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    yea thats still the plan

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    For the confused, see this thread.

    AllAmericanPup, it's always best to either post an update in the original thread, or link to it, so people who weren't here a few months ago don;t have to think "Who is Barkley? Why is he in rescue?"

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    I'm sure this is extremely hard on you. I'll miss him too...

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