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    Kobe, what a handsome Dude you are. Not only are you named after our favorite basketball player, but come from our most favorite place to visit. You sound like a lot of fun and I love that lei around your neck. Congradulations from one retired Navy family to you on being the most friendly, handsome,
    Dog of the Day. Your family should give you some of those special treats today (maybe your Mom could share her doggie biscuit receipes with us) and Alohaaaaa.

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    Oh Kobe!! You are one BEAUTIFUL puppy; and what a smile! You are truly one super busy working dog, "supervising" the baking of all those yummy dog treats, I'm sure! No doubt, you are the official taste tester!! I admit it; I'm a real lover of all retrievers. And you Kobe, are one shining example of all that is special about you goldens! You just SHINE!! Congratulations beautiuful, sweet, hard working, ever loving Kobe. You are our most honored, most deserving, totally hugable, lovable Dog of the Day! I'll be checking in to your site to order some of your yummy biskits! Aloha!!!!!

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    What a handsome, happy face you have, Kobe. It was a delight seeing you this morning. Make sure you get lots of treats to celebrate being Dog of the Day.

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