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Thread: VERY rough paw pads

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    VERY rough paw pads

    Hi everyone! My 7 month old lab/golden mix has VERY rough paw pads, I mean VERY rough. LIke sandpaper. If he even brushes by my skin it leaves scratches!!! I take both of my dogs ( both lab mixes) on runs everyday and was thinking that maybe running on the road was the cause - but my other dog does not have the rough pads. They don't seem to bother him but I was wondering if there was a way I could soften them up a little? Any suggestions?

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    Where do you take them running? I read somewhere that sled dogs have VERY rough paw pads because they run everyday on the trail. So, that could be the reason. Maybe because he is so young he just developed them? Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful.

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    I used "Bag Balm" on several dogs, past and present. You can find it almost anywhere these days. There are several products that your Vet can advise you to use as well, depending on the degree of Abrasion your dog has on his pads.

    You will no doubt receive some great advice on Pet Talk.

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    Daisy has rough pads and dry cuticles. I massage a bit of coco butter on them once a week.
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    happy has pads like this, a few month ago she steped on my foot and left a cut lol I started putting moisturizer on her pads and they are still as tough as they alwasy were but they dont cut my feet up anymore lol
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    Rough pads are a sign that

    the dog is normal.

    and was thinking that maybe running on the road was the cause
    Any abrasive surface is going to thicken and create rough pads, just as if you were to walk on the street in your bare feet, over time the skin on your feet would thicken.

    but my other dog does not have the rough pads
    Pure genetics and possibly as a result of the different mechanical way it runs as opposed to the other dog.

    Do the pads appear to be cracked? Is the dog in pain or limping? If not then the only issue is that you don't like the sandpaper feel. Applying a little lotion won't harm anything. But over doing it to the point of softening the pads might cause problems- easier for their paws to get cuts.

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