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Thread: What game does your dog(s) like to play?

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    What game does your dog(s) like to play?

    My dogs LOVE to play tag.They run all around the yard and house while I try to tag them. When I eventulaly get them, they chase me all over. We keep doing this back and forth until the dogs get tired(which lasts for about ten minutes).
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    My dog likes to play chase as I call it. All we do is shuffle our feet and he goes nuts he runs around the whole house and attacks our feet. He also likes to play fetch with any of his toys.

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    Autumn's favorte game is "keep the toy away from mom and make her run after me".
    We also play hide and seek, but she cheats using her nose so I run around the whole yard first. Sometimes neighborhood kids will join in the game.
    Hide the toy, indoors or out this is a favorite too. I tell Autumn to stay and hide toys and she finds them. She's always more excited to play with the toy after she finds it.
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    my puppy likes to play fetch or catch. she likes frisbee too, but still needs to get more coordiated on that one.
    We do many different types of tosses to catch, so much so that we make little routines with 20 or so little *catches* or *dance steps* to the whole thing. She's very impressive.
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    LOL my brats like to play destroy the house after I clean it! when I start cleaning and straightening they start "boxing" chasing each other and running from room to room knocking into things and generally running amuck I would yell and get angry ( I probably should ) but everytime I am about to they make me laugh as Goofy(14 pound cocker pup) is "beating" Rusty(60 pound dobe pup) at his game . Of course pawprints on the clean floor etc. Oh well they have fun and I will attempt to be a better housecleaner

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    My 2 absolutly LOVE playing frisbee. They would play all day if I would let them, but I need a break every once and a while from throwing that darn thing. They also love to play fetch with just about anything aswell as playing tag with each other running frantically around the back yard.

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    my dogs like to play "get the black and white striped kitty!!" no realy they do!!!!!

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