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Thread: Help get me started!

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    Help get me started!

    For possibly the first time in Pa I'm hoping to set up tables at local events to raise money and awareness for wolves and wolfdogs in rescue.
    As I cannot find anyone close to me that can help, ( I have talked with some greyhound rescue peeps and they were pretty helpful), I'm looking for anyone with advice on how to get started here.
    My biggest problem now is getting a table. I had called around and no one returns my calls, even when they're advertising table space. I'd automatically be excluded from AKC events as well, I assume, because wolfdogs are frown upon.
    Anyone with some helpful tips?
    Jen and pack

    For Tok, I will always remember the happier days when you howled and played as one of our pack. You will never be forgotten, and you can never be replaced. God has a special place for special creatures, and that is where we will meet again. Forever in our hearts, love always, your family.

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    I am not sure what you mean when you say "local events". If it is not a registered or authorized AKC or similar Club event, then I would think you should be able to rent table space - just like anyone else. If it is some sort of official dog show with governing bylaws and restrictions, then you simply will not be allowed to participate (if that is their decision). You might want to try and get a permit from the associated community or bldg manager and set up your own display outside of the official event. Like vendors outside of a concert, game, etc..

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