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Thread: anyone got kids?!!

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    anyone got kids?!!

    Bit of a silly questions but anyone with a 3 year old? I need to get birthday present ideas and I really dont have a clue what they are too young for or what would be appropriate

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    boy or girl?

    I'd go with a stuffed animal of some kind. Make sure that there are no removable parts because they can still choke at that age.

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    same Q here boy or girl??

    i have an almost 3yr old boy(august) adn it also varies if the kid we are talking about has brothers/sisters, older/younger ones.........

    my kid is into any ride-ons also like hot wheels cars but i usually buy them brandless (practically the same ) because if they have older bros/sis maybe they are into more grownup kids caracter things (batman, superman, ninja turtles.........ok that was me.....LOL but they are soo back now) and they might also are gonna have to share with them against their will.....if its a girl i bet anything princess like will do the trick........or a barbie doll/clothes........or even any mommy accesories.......
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    A toy dump truck! Great for either gender, as if you get a big enough one, it can be used to gather up blocks, give rides to dolls or teddies (or the family pet, if it is small enough and cooperative enough ... Good outdoors if child has a sandbox or gravel driveway ...

    Blocks or the too-big-to-swallow Leggos

    Big fat crayons and a big pad of paper - you can get cheap pads of newsprint stock paper, big enough to trace the birthday kid!

    Sidewalk chalk *if* child has any place to use it

    Wrap the bow around a bottle of bubble soap for a little extra something!

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    anyone got kids?!!!

    Oh yes six girls {four legged} kids from 3 to 4 1/2 yrs old..
    For real weather it be two legged vs four legged I will have to agree any kind of stuffed animal would do great..

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    All the suggestions given sound great, but, you can also usually check the age on the product itself. I think, although I have no children of my own, that the recommended ages are usually pretty accurate. Good luck! I would think something fairly good sized, without a lot of removable parts, and, with bold, primary colors would be good...possibly even something noisy, although the parents might not appreciate that.
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    Books? Activity books? Sticker type books? Kids go through that stuff so quick, you can always enjoy new things.

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    Simple board games- like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders
    Art supplies- paper, finger paint, crayons, blunt scissors, etc.
    Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls, t-ball set, child golf set (it works for boy or girl)
    Trucks/cars- Misha loves playing with cars!
    Puzzles and books
    Dress up clothes
    Tea set
    Sand box toys- shovel, cups, etc.
    Toy foods, kitchen stuff
    Toy cleaning stuff- broom, mop, etc.
    Playdoh and accessories
    Blocks, legos

    From a mom perspective, I would stay away from stuffed animals- Misha already has a ton and I'm trying to figure out how to store them!
    Look at the age range- it gives a pretty good idea of what is appropriate. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks!! hes a boy and I got lots of ideas now!

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