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Thread: (*Georgia's trip to the beach!*) ((31 and 1 video))

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    (*Georgia's trip to the beach!*) ((31 and 1 video))

    We decided to go to the Sequoia Beach for Fathers Day so we could do a Barbeque. I convinced my parents to let me bring Georgia, she had to be squished on the car floor, but we were there in no time. She had a blast! She went swimming after sticks and I threw a Frisbee for her a couple times, nobody was there until about the time we were leaving so it was great. I brought my camera and got a couple pictures, so here they are!

    This was the beach, we were at the boach launch

    "C'mon just throw the stick..."

    "Please untie me..."

    "I don't like those people..."

    "I'm ready to get it!"

    "Throw it! I'm ready!"

    The people next to us had a beautiful husky...

    More coming!

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    *chew**chew* "These sticks taste pretty good"

    "Just cooling down for now"

    "How dare you take that stick away from me"

    "I'll just hop out around here..."

    "I'm coming, stick!"

    More coming...

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    "I'm coming!"

    "I'm all ready for the throw!"

    "I'm going to get the stick!"

    "Woee thats pretty cold"

    "I got it!"

    "I'll just jump over this!"

    "Down I go!"

    More coming...

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    "Brr I'm getting cold in here"

    "Where'd it go?"

    "I'm almost there..."

    "I'm ready for a big throw!"

    And here's the video:

    And two more pictures coming...

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    Can I come to the beach with you, Georgia? I promise I'll throw sticks!

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    awww those are cute pics! I love the video!
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    Great pictures! I really enjoyed them. It looks like a blast! Georgia can I come next time?

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    Very cute. It looks like Georgia had a very good time at the beach. She sure does get excited about those stickies, doesn't she? (It's okay, Ginger does the same thing when I take her tennis ball outside.)

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    so cute! looks like you tired her out

    Nińo & Eliza

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    Very cute.

    Thanks Jess for the great sig of my kids!

    I love you baby, passed away 03/04/2008

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    Aww lol shes very er noisey for the stick lol

    I like the last picture
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    Aww she looks like she had a lot of fun! What a pretty girl, and a happy one too!
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    lol what a face! I just want to give her a big kiss lol!

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    great pics Makayla

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